In Arkhangelsk, went first snow

The capital of Pomerania-night hit the first snowfall, though not all meteorologists to expect. For example, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological first light precipitation in Arkhangelsk — about 2 mm — were to fall only on the following Monday, October 17.

According to the Northern interregional UFS for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, today in Arkhangelsk Cloudy weather. In most areas, a small, locally moderate rain in the northern half of the wet snow. Wind South, South-West of 7-12 m / s, sometimes gusts up to 15 m / s. The temperature at night? 1 — 4 degrees, day 2 — 7 degrees.

Now Arkhangelsk near zero degrees. First snow, barely fall melts.

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