In Austria still remember the Tyrolean vacation Lukashenko

Rest Lukashenko in Austria in 2002 could pay billionaire Martin Schlaff. Asfall Austrian media, it made it clear the former head of the National Olympic Committee of Austria and the owner of the network «Casinos Austria» Leo Wallner. It was at his invitation Belarusian leader and his entourage in March 2002, attended one of the best resorts in the Alps.

Today Leo Wallner— One of the defendants in high-profile corruption scandal in the Austrian NOC. Among materials prosecutors Vienna — financial accounts in the amount of 200 thousand euros for the rest of the Belarusian leader. They paid «Casinos Austria» via "black cash" Austrian Olympic Committee.

Asked by reporters Vienna «Kurier», what caused the invitation yes strannopriimets acceptance of the Belarusian leader, who in the West is notorious reputation, Wallner said to him, "Come thought about the prospect of opening a casino in this country." Wallner also hinted that the vacation of the Belarusian team in Tyroli paid the famous Austrian rich man who does business in Eastern Europe.

According to information from the Austrian business community, this businessman — none other than 57-year-old Austrian billionaire Martin Schlaff, person involved in several high-profile international corruption scandals. Among other things, he is known for gains in Eastern Europe unprofitable companies developing them, and then re-sell.

In an interview with Leo Wallner did not refuse when journalists called it a name. Himself Martin Schlaff denied in the press information regarding payment for the accounts of Lukashenko.

In any case, write the Austrian media, Schlaff made in Belarus are very good deals. For example, in one agreement to resell the Belarusian mobile operator Velcom of Telekom Austria, he has earned more than 200 million euros.

As for the projects in progress in other markets network of Austrian casino, here in terse conversation with the media Schlaff hit particularly successful. Those created by the direct participation of Schlaff «Casinos Austria» in Greece brought the Austrian entrepreneur extraordinary income.

Recently, the transaction Schlaff interested and Israeli criminal police. In the early 2000s, this businessman, who is of Jewish origin, was suspected of being involved in several corruption scandals, and the persons involved wereAvigdor Lieberman, andShimon Peres, andAriel Sharon, and many other senior Israeli politicians.

Israeli media recall that in the late 1990s, Martin Schlaff had to build a "new Middle East", turning the Palestinian Authority in the "Middle East of Las Vegas," and has earned hundreds of millions of dollars to the casino in Jericho. Schlaff did not abandon ambitious projects, and the Middle East today — recently he prepared for his friend, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a draft of a peace treaty with Syria, which is expected to be realized under the patronage of Moscow and with extensive links Schlaff in the Syrian leadership.

Israeli media also write about the close ties with the Austrian multimillionaire Gaddafi clan.


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