In central Russia are frosts and snowstorms

At Capital Region looming cold and snow. "Predzime" in the metropolitan area is going to plan — no records, reports, "ITAR-TASS" weatherman.

This weekend in Moscow will still be zero temperature, rain and snow and light sleet on the roads, but the next week will begin.

First, sharply colder — on Tuesday will blow arctic ice and strong wind, in the suburbs the temperature drops to minus 4-6.

Second, the snow will fall at last — will blow blizzard, sometimes dilute blizzard of snow. In general, a normal November, summed up the meteorologists.

Fall 2011 — more than a fairy tale, for example, from November 1890 — during the reign of Alexander III. For example, on November 26 of that year, the temperature in the capital in general fell to minus 32.8 degrees Celsius. It was the most severe the last month of autumn.

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