In Crimea, the era of dinosaurs discovered pyramid with a mummy strange creature

September 8, 2012 15:56

Scientists have yet to figure out all the details about the find

Ukrainian scientist Vitaly Goh, testing an alternative method of finding water, stumbled across an amazing natural object in the ground.

Under this earth is a giant pyramid, the length of the platform which is 72 meters. Photo: ICTV

His instruments showed that the underground buried giant pyramid, the length of the platform which reaches 72 meters, according to ICTV.

"The pyramids were built in the era of the dinosaurs. Here is the so-called resonance chamber Sphinx "- says Goh.

Devices alternative archeology show that the construction of a truncated hollow inside top, and under its foundation remains unknown being mummy.

Who was the author of the Crimean pyramids, it has not yet determined, but it is already convinced of the uniqueness of their findings, reports


Julia Evseeva

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