In Egypt, near the resort of Hurghada were spotted sharks

Sharks have been spotted in the waters of the Red Sea near the resort town of Hurghada in Egypt, said on Saturday the news portal "Akhbar al-Youm."

The appearance of the marine predators immediately informed environmentalists and rescuers.

According to the head of rescue at sea and protection of the environment province Red Sea Hassan al-Tayyib, the appearance of sharks in the Marina near Hurghada inform the large chain hotels. In the area of the proposed location of sharks immediately sent two boats with environmentalists to ward off predators from the coast. However, animals are never found.

However, environmentalists and rescuers promised in the next few days regularly comb the coastal resort areas to prevent possible approximation of marine predators to tourist beaches.

Information about the appearance of sharks in the coastal areas of the Red Sea in Egypt increased interest after a series of attacks by sea creatures prey on tourists in December 2010. Then in the Sharm el-Sheikh in the south of the Sinai peninsula was recorded five shark attacks on tourists. As a result, seriously injured three Russian tourists and a citizen of Ukraine, kills 70-year-old tourist from Germany.

Cases of shark attacks on tourists in 2004-2010 >>

After these incidents, local authorities announced the development of a set of measures that should significantly reduce not only the risk of shark attacks on people, but in general, reduce the number of accidents on the water. These measures, among other things, require the installation of networks and rescue tower on the beach.

Egyptian media have recently reported periodically when sharks off the coast of various coastal cities, but this information is not always confirmed. For example, for the sharks often take innocent dolphins.

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