In England, for the last 10 years has decreased the number of 70% of butterfly species

Decline in the population affected almost three-quarters of butterfly species in the UK over the last decade, during which the butterflies disappeared as rare and common species, according to the British Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

"Studies have shown reduction in the number of representatives of 72% of butterfly species in the last ten years. However, their prevalence has declined by 54%. Rare species of butterflies often disappear due to the reduction of habitat for them with the necessary conditions, "- said in a statement.

Scientists point out that a quarter dwindled even common species of butterflies that are able to live in urban areas.

"Studies have confirmed that the number of even common species have fallen by almost a quarter in ten years — a measure of the very deep problems with the environment in the UK. Butterfly as a type indicator, which may reflect a more global biodiversity crisis among insects. Deterioration of living conditions is seen as the main reason for this, "- wrote the center's specialists in the report on the status of butterflies in the UK in 2011.

As scientists say, the document is further evidence that the EU is trying to stop the loss of biodiversity on the continent by 2010, failed.

However, the report shows the success of the British and entomologists in the fight for the preservation of endangered species. Thus, in the 1970s, copper-butterfly arion (phengaris arion), which is now widespread, was on the verge of extinction. The key method scientists involved in its restoration, it was tracking the number of those ant species that feed on caterpillars of this species of butterflies.

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