In Ivanovo regularly observe UFOs

November 10, 2011 12:17

Recently, the White House has received just 2 statement published on the official website of Barack Obama. In one, signed by 12 thousand people, said that the U.S. authorities time to "formally acknowledge that aliens have been in contact with the human race." In another, receiving about 5.5 thousand signatures, demand was "immediately disclose the information that the government knows of the existence of aliens and communicate with them."


White House by President denied it, but he made an official report on the subject, in which he said that "the U.S. government does not have evidence of the existence of any form of life outside our planet, or cases such forms of contact with the human race. In addition, we do not have reliable information that such facts are deliberately hidden from the public. "

Theme alien presence was active development after the publication on the Internet in the 1990s declassified photos, videos and documentaries, the book's research extraterrestrial intervention in the development of ancient civilizations, many films and TV series on the subject. Very popular, for example, used the iconic "X-Files." It was even said that the majority of plots x-files based on real events, and the government really hide the truth about extraterrestrials. After evidence astronauts Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14, confirming the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and other witnesses, all over the world began to form tacit clubs "UFO." Our city — is no exception.

Thus, the site-Ivanovo Kosmopoisk regular updates on eyewitness observations of UFOs.
"Kosmopoisk" — All-Russian Research governmental organization founded in 1980 for the study of paranormal phenomena.
According to users of the site, UFOs regularly visit Ivanovo region. In the summer of 2010 two flying objects seen at the North airport and even took them to the mobile phone. In the same year, late at night, witnesses saw five bright red objects in the form of a triangle. This was even written "Ivanovo newspaper." In addition, various forms of UFOs have been seen in the Ivanovo region, villages and Dubiniha Bogdaniha in the village of New Lezhnevskaya Hills district, near the Bald Mountain Yuryevets area over forests Teykovskogo area in Zavolzhsky area near the chemical plant and other areas.

Many do not include this information seriously and openly laugh at such cases. However, people interested in the topic, it becomes more and more. Not long ago, the public prosecutor of Lenin district of Ivanovo, Alex Tsarevsky, tweeted: "Watch it about 21:15, when the police came out and showed his wife, watched together … hard to explain, but certainly not a plane, flew very strange … The bright red color, rotate , and it seemed like a spotlight revolves around … ".
For several hundred years, humankind sees in the sky UFO sightings, but the government has steadfastly refused to officially recognize these facts and stop any attempt to public disclosure. Thus, Kennedy's biographer, said that the president was shot because he was going to tell the world about U.S. contacts with the civilization of other galaxies …

Policy of total denial fueled many ideas about the world conspiracy for global control of information, cooperation of the Government with the aliens, and the existence of interplanetary coalition conducting secret experiments on humans. It is clear that the popularity of this topic will only grow. After all, the only thing that can counter the official host of science do not fit into its framework the facts — the inability to overcome the aircraft enormous distances between distant planets and as a result, the inability to visit our planet other civilizations.

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