In Kaliningrad, the storm destroyed almost all the beaches

Strongest storm in the Baltic Sea has destroyed almost all the beaches in the Kaliningrad region. In Svetlogorsk in one of the most popular holiday destinations for local residents destroyed embankment. Now all of the emergency services trying urgently to strengthen the coastal strip. Forecasters in the coming days promise a new blow elements.

So now look beach resorts of the Kaliningrad region. Raffled off at sea before the nine-storm overnight literally destroyed all recreational sand beach and broke box-panel cafe. Wooden buildings waves smashed into tiny pieces.

Residents of the area surprised to note: all the places in the summer you can freely sunbathing, flooded with water. The sea has crept close to the hotel, built right on the shore. Another blow to the elements could face serious destruction and capital structure.

The storm was so powerful that all access to the sea literally broke. And in the concrete structure of the promenade cracks through which the sea water began to gush.

Svetlogorsk, where in winter come hundreds of tourists from all over, today is no longer concerned about the visual attractiveness of the local prom, but how to make the promenade as safe as possible. The hotel staff, in front of which there was a great crack, were assigned to barricade it with bags of sea sand. Police blocked the danger zone.

"So, to promenade broke in half — a first time. Course, knocked — when a strong wave under high pressure water is rising up to three meters. Frost was — there was just a skating rink," — said General Director Valery Malov hotel.

Kaliningradians today arrived in Svetlogorsk specifically to remove pictures and videos of the consequences of the storm. Many species have already put the broken waves of concrete structures in social networks. Adele Smirnitskaya saw on one of the local sites, the look of her favorite vacation spot, and throwing household chores with his girlfriend, has arrived on the coast.

— Terrible! We've been here over 30 years and the first time I see it!

— Crazy, of course, I'm sorry! And then the question — when they will make all of this, and will it be repaired?

These are pieces of rebar with tires for many years served as a protection from the waves of the beach area. This year, it finally had to be replaced by a more modern design, but not in time. The storm wave demolished the old fortified coast.

"Metro was here three more banks — it's just for one storm, there are more trees were pushed down. These are the concrete block was turning. Therefore, these cylinders — it's so vague!" — Master of Reclamation says the Kaliningrad region Valery Moiseenko.

In the near future will be decided on restoring beaches that will increase most likely artificially, importing sand from quarries. Now experts are developing coastal protection emergency plan fortification works. They need to be held as soon as possible — forecasters predict again in the coming days, strong winds.

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