In Kiev quarantined due to an attack of mad dogs

Utilities Kiev asking residents to participate seriously cases of rabies in the capital of Ukraine. Now quarantine declared in three districts of the city of Kiev: Podolsk, Obolon, Dnieper. The surrounding areas are considered threatened area.
"All those who doubt may apply to a pregnant woman, the victim of the bite rabid stray dog. Now it is difficult to say anything about her fate and the fate of the child. Place this woman could come to be any person who goes to Kiev", — quotes Press service of the Center for animal identification words of the chairman of the Association of Veterinary Medicine Oksana Rud.

To solve the pressing problems of elimination and prevention of rabies in Kiev December 22 a meeting of the State Emergency Antiepizootic Commission at the Kyiv City State Administration. An event of this level, the report underlines the Centre carried out when it is on valid grounds.

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