In Lake Taal again dying fish

In Lake Taal again dying fish


6.23 Only a few days after the authorities lifted the ban on the risk of eating fish from Lake Taal in which there was a mass death of fish that produced the collapse of fish industry production, as of Monday 20 June it was reported that the newly dead fish to the three fishing farms — police said

Larry Aala, head of the Philippine National Water Inspectorate said that the employees of his department estimated the amount of dead fish at last count, about 2 tons collected near the village of Sampaloc, and almost as many in the townships and Balakilong Birinayan

"We encountered a few bags of dead fish this time, that does not go to any comparison with the hundreds of tons that were lost in the previous week, and for safety reasons, Zakopane in the ground" — said Larry Aala.

The first wave of mass death of fish according to officials blame the low level of dissolved oxygen in the lake, too clogged cages which contained fish, and weather changes. As a result, it was not just Fish-farm enterprises among them acting illegally, but consumers purchasing their rybu.Obschy damage estimated at millions of pesos.

Saturday Paz Manalang, the acting head of the regional department for fisheries and the protection of water resources have stated that currently the level of dissolved oxygen in the lake has stabilized, but are still below the optimal limit prescribed regulations.

Recent laboratory tests conducted by BFAR laboratory have shown that the oxygen level is 4.5 parts per million in Sampaloc, which is below the allowable level of which corresponds to 6.0 parts in a million "- said Manalang.

In the area of Buso, the figure was 3.8 and 4.9, it was noted in Banaga,-she added.

To avoid additional losses in the future, after consultation with the management of fisheries workers dragged the fish farms ponds with fish in areas of the lake where the oxygen content in the water is correct. In those areas of the lake where it was not possible to transfer the fish to areas with high oxygen content were connected compressor for forced air, before it catch fish ready to sell.

As of June 17, the authorities dismantled 281 square where not legally raise fish for sale "- said the representative of the government Segismundo

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