In Loshytsa a march and rally on Dzyady

Members of the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front held a march and rally in Loshytsa to mark the day of memory of ancestors "Forefathers Eve." They took part in the party activists and many concerned people, including many young people.

Participants of the "Fathers" in Loshytsa traditionally gathered outside the house of culture "Loshitsa." Then, a few dozen white-red-white flags and chants began with prayer procession. Among those present were elderly people and a lot of young people:

Mr."My name is Stsyabulya Igor, to "Dziady" I go for more than 10 years, as for me — it's the memory of ancestors. "

Reporter"Who did you come here?"

Mrs."With her granddaughter. Came in Loshitsa to" Forefathers Eve "to honor the memory of Belarusians who were tortured by Russian NKVD. Year granddaughter too wished to go and now — is the flag all the way."

Reporter"What do you know when Loshitsa?"

Youth"What Loshitsa, as well as other places of Minsk and Belarus, a place of remembrance of the people who were tortured for what they were Belarusians. This memorial, where we have come to honor their memory."

During a memorial service at the Cross "Victims 'terror' in Loshitsa Yar party member Valery Buffalo recalled the history of the 20's and 30's, when the former princely mansion in Loshytsa balshaviki tortured and killed in Loshitsa Yar any innocent people:

"With the truth of Christ, we come to a place where the victims were shot in Belarus, the Russian terror. Today we remember our grandfathers not only Loshytsa and Kurapaty, but tortured in Belarus and in the vast expanses of the Russian Empire. Memory of our holy Fathers will always be with us ".

Party Secretary Ales Cheholsky stressed in his speech that the descendants of those butchers in power today. That their hands democratic forces prepared a "gift" to the Bolshevik party on November 7: 38 in Kurapaty broken crosses:

"In Kurapaty committed another crime: broken 38 crosses. This is not just — it's a sign."

Acting chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yuri Belenky urged the audience not to participate in the presidential elections.

"Now the regime arranges regular show called" presidential elections ". Dictator already agreed to the point that gives the order what percentage of votes for him to write. Can not go where fraud occurs.

At the end of the celebration, the participants laid a white-red-white flowers and lit candles to the cross victims of Bolshevik terror and sang a prayer hymn, "God Almighty".

Yuri Belenky with party members.

Members honor the memory of those killed in Loshytsa.

Valery says the buffalo.

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