In May, the polarity of the Sun will kvadropolyarnoy

21.04.12. According to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, as well as other institutions, the polarity of the solar magnetic field changes, and in May it will be kvadroprolyarnoy, which means that the benefits of the field will be in the North and South Poles and negative — on the equator.

When three hundred years ago, a similar phenomenon, the average temperature of the Earth has declined.

Headed by Professor Saku Ttsuneta Observatory research team analyzed data on magnetic fields, using observation satellite Hinode, and confirmed that the polarity of the magnetic field of the North Pole in July last year has started to change.

The researchers also found that the magnetic field at the South Pole, which was expected, was to change with the North Pole, to maintain a positive polarity, allowing the formation of kvadropolyarnogo magnetic field.

Reason for the change of the polar fields are still not clear. However, it is known that the margin shift coincides with an increase and decrease in the number of sunspots for about 11-year cycle.

Currently sunspot cycle stretches nearly 13 years. A similar situation occurred in the 17-18 centuries, when the average temperature in the Northern Hemisphere has decreased by 0,6 C. The research team believes that the time has also shown a pattern kvadropolyarnosti.

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