In Minsk, Belarus will present a thorough-German dictionary

November 4 at the Minsk International Education Center will host a presentation of the Belarusian-German dictionary to 70,000 words and phrases, issued in the private publishing house "Kolos" Dmitry Kolasa by the German side. Belarusian-German Dictionary of this volume — the first in history. Before him, there was only a small dictionary of 2,300 words, published in Jena in 2000.

This dictionary has a long, difficult and even dramatic story. Work on it began in 1992. Tells paliglet, compiled many dictionaries Lavon Barshcheuski:

"Vladimir Martinevsky was a big fan of the creation of the dictionary. He stood at the origins of the German-Belarusian dictionary. Unfortunately, he died, the case took over other people, especially Nicholas Kuryanko that all these 18 years, holding the thread in hand."

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology of the Linguistic University, the famous German studies Nicholas Kuryanko continues:

"In the first stage, the band was — even the late Vladimir Martinevsky collected — more than 15 people. But if going to a big company, everyone has affection for his favorite sayings, expressions. Then extends all the way, like some broom all sticking out in all directions . And it is necessary to reduce all into one channel, one way to do so. Therefore, the more people — it does not mean better, and worse. From psychology we know that there is a primary contact group, and it usually does not go beyond 4 — 6 people. Even 6 — it's too much … "

Everybody said, "Well, yes, it is useful, but, sorry, it's work, and not a commodity" …

In the late 1990s, virtually dictionary has been prepared and submitted for publication in the private publication "Technology". But the money for the publication was not there. The government also did not want to fundovat edition of the dictionary, says Nicholas Kuryanko:

"I went through all the publishers — and the" education "and" High School "and" Methodological book. "Everyone said, 'Well, yes, it is useful, but, sorry, it's work, and not a commodity." Well, what will you do … "

Nicholas Kuryanko worried that unreleased dictionary is aging: the language of the living, there are new terms. And he continued to work with:

"Until the last day. Even the layout has already been made. And had to include the last word with computer vocabulary -" blog. "It is not in any dictionary, and even on computer science, issued years 3 — 4 years ago. There is a word now , well, that and "caught" it. "

Finally publish the Belarusian-German dictionary helped the Germans, says Lavon Barshcheuski:

We tried to do everything, so that the Germans could use it …

"With the great help of Mr. Inga Petz, who found contact with the Ministry of Economy of Germany, succeeded in the past year again to refine, to add a modern vocabulary, online terms and still bring it to publication. He, of course, intended primarily for the Belarusian user, but we have tried to do everything to the Germans could use it. There's a foreword, and use of parallel made in Belarusian and German, grammar tables, whiteRussian language, that allow you to deal with it with minimal knowledge of the language. "

Thus, Now there is a substantial Belarusian-German dictionary for 70,000 words and phrases, and the German-Belarusian dictionary to 50,000 words, which is published in 2006, also published by "Ear". But, according to the author of both thorough work of Nicholas Kuryanko:

"We ought to German-Belarusian dictionary expanded to include a large number of Americanism anglitsyzmav, which is in German. But you need to have at least two employees. Which would not have helped, but they worked."


Belarusian-German dictionary Kuryanko

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