In Novosibirsk six UFO circled the military factory

October 23, 2011 23:49

Strange lights over the night of the Novosibirsk last Thursday to Friday saw only occasional passersby. First, clear, and snow mixed with rain, did not favor the sky gazing. Second, at half past eleven in the evening passersby were few.

— I stayed at work, so it's too late to shop for groceries went. We come out with a daughter on kryltsosupermarketa — and in the sky six red dots unblinking moving! First across the sky from west to east, raced, then one little separated, and the other at some distance from it hung almost there — said "KP" manager Andrey Filippov.

Later that they imagined in the sky UFOs, told a few more people, called the editorial "KP", Novosibirsk, Russia. " If we compare the eyewitness with a map of Novosibirsk, is it that strange red lights swirled over … Plant. Chkalov. Which, by the way, collect the aircraft — and peace "Superjet" and fighting "Su-34?.

— I do not whether your products tested? — We asked the designers.

— At this time, flights and test equipment was not — cut off at the factory. — And protection of anything not reported that way.

Eyewitnesses, incidentally, confirm — UFO did not look like a normal plane: the lights shone brightly and evenly, without blinking (eg, side flashers). Slack in the sky for 3-4 minutes, the UFO disappeared. May search you want, and get out?

— In the area of plant Chkalov sightings lot. But I'm afraid the UFO may have become popular among the people today lanterns were launched into the night sky — shrugs Ilya Putilkin and leaders of "Novosibirsk-Komsmopoisk." The participants of this movement were investigating paranormal phenomena.

Mini air balloons made of paper with a candle inside rise high enough and float through the air. Indeed, by the way, something resembling a "flying saucer." In the area of the plant where collect aircraft just have shops selling similar trinkets. However, now it is closed — in great demand these lanterns are in the summer, the season of weddings.


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