In one stroke, lightning killed 355 sheep


In southern Kyrgyzstan, a lightning strike killed 355 sheep at once, Interfax reported, citing the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Central Asian republic. The incident happened in the Osh region.

According to Shepherd Abdimitalip Tschakaloff, in the flock was 1,102 sheep of his fellow villagers. It was the rain and it was cold, so the animals are closely pressed against each other. Obviously, this was the reason for the mass death of sheep when lightning struck right in the flock. Local authorities are counted damage. A. Claims to Tschakaloff far none of the villagers did not show.

Because of the innate instinct of sheep huddle closely together during bad weather and the dangers of mass killing of these animals being struck by lightning — not so rare. In 2006, lightning killed 230 sheep in Croatia, causing damage to 27,000 U.S. dollars. Then, Croatian shepherd even wrote an appeal to the Guinness Book of Records with a request to record the matter as a world record.

In 2007, lightning killed 300 sheep in Dagestan, in addition, a shepherd was also killed and two others suffered burns. And in 2011 in Tuva 84 sheep were victims … fireball. Tuvan shepherd Saiyn Sandykmaa then escaped with shock.

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