In Orsha farewell to the dead in the fire at the meat-packing plant


Four employees were killed on May 24 when the gallery refrigeration plant caught fire plastic sheathing of the room. The mother of one of them, Denis Karjakin, 15 years too, was a victim of the tragedy in the Orsha Meat-Packing Plant: she died when the boiler exploded in the shop utilization. Son at the time was about 16 years old.

May 26 held a farewell ceremony for those killed by Igor Olkhovik, Denis and Sergey Karjakin Svishchovym. Anne's family Murashkevich refused to participate in an official event and held a woman in his last journey on their own. The money for the funeral and the erection of monuments spent enterprise. Manual meat-packing plant and promised financial assistance to families who have lost loved ones, but to what extent — is unknown.


Upon government condolence refused and the mother of one of the deceased workers: the day before came to her guide, but Mrs. said that her son did not give the administration the plant, and a delegation expelled from the house.

Farewell to the dead took place on the territory of the meat-packing plant. Employees, as well as students and staff vocational college that trains students for the enterprise, has been ordered to attend without fail. People have noted that in the air still is suffocating stench of burnt plastic. But the carcasses of cattle that were in the fire in the gallery of the refrigeration plant, still allowed for processing to canning plant. At the funeral, and said that in the past day workers were forced to knock out bricks which were laid in the gallery window — instead of brick pavstavlyali grid, so that in case of danger now in the room will hit the air.

Performs Works Director Arkady Nyavsihin

Four workers were killed by "udyhannya toxic combustion products," as defined physicians. Colleagues say that the victims of the tragedy did not know about the fire: raised in an elevator that suddenly stopped — in the shop cut off electricity to avoid vytsechki ammonia. Trying to get out of the elevator on their own, they opened the door — and ended up in a cloud of poisonous gas. A woman was found dead near the elevator. Men ran on, but there were dark, and they were trapped, as the refrigeration plant consists of several separate chambers.

According to official information, the Emergencies Ministry, the dead could be saved, however, began to fight the fire, not vlichyvshy mortal danger. In nekralog on the web page "Orsha newspaper" is written, that the workers' deaths, saving the state property. " Evidence of this, state media reported, were found near the fire "sleeve" and helmet …

A memorial service takes local TV

According to the head of the Vitebsk Regional Emergency Management Basil Mint, the cause of the fire at AMKK was a violation of fire safety in welding — something repaired in the gallery, and a spark fell on a plastic plate. On this occasion, Orsha city prosecutor's office opened criminal case, but only after appropriate review will be known, according to which the article will punish the guilty.

The readiness to provide financial assistance to families of the victims and said Orsha city executive committee. "The amount of the benefit is determined, the solution will be accepted in the coming days, "- said the deputy chairman of the Orsha city executive committee Nikolai Samsonov.



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