In Sharm el-Sheikh shark attack humans again

In Sharm El-Sheikh, again recorded cases of shark attack on tourists. Moreover, the incident was over a tragedy — a tourist, having lost all his limbs, has died. At the same time, in the wake of revolutionary anarchy in the country actually lost order created under former President Hosni Mubarak, and now the current "power" instead of taking measures to ensure the safety of tourists are just trying to hide the fact that a new attack on them sharks.

So, during the holidays in Egypt couple from the UK have witnessed the shark eats him. It began with that divers Richard King and Laura Hooper went to sea in a boat near Sharm el-Sheikh, where they witnessed how the tiger shark varnish human corpse, with only a few hundred meters from the shore. Richard King told reporters the British newspaper «The Sun», that terrifying brought his wife into hysterics. Rather than stop the boat and try to get the body (it was a woman), a representative of the diving center gave full speed, telling tourists to keep quiet about what they saw the sea predator. "The crew told us to keep quiet so as not to spoil the reputation of the local tourism," — he said.

"The next day at sea was a lot of swimmers. We are your eyes could not believe it. No sharks, no corpse as if there were. New authorities simply concealed it PE "- added Richard King. Finally lost faith in the security of Sharm el-Sheikh after such a close acquaintance with the shark, the couple immediately turned their vacation early and flew to England.

Interestingly, while the new government at the resort even had mutual responsibility between local business and government officials: Mindful of the December issue of downloading Sharm El-Sheikh by a shark attack, the latest incident trying to deny even the local doctors. So, after the examination of the body of the victim Dr. Adel Taher, head of the Medical Center of Sharm al-Sheikh, and in combination — medical division of the Water Rescue, said the death was not caused by a tourist shark attack, and was a result of injuries sustained as a result of exposure to the propeller boat. Medical officials said that the body of the dead were found traces of a shark attack, and that a tourist simply drowned, exhausted from his injuries.

Recall that to date in Egypt, still operates the official, although a temporary ban on diving. Ordinance came into force in December last year, after the end of November as a result of shark attacks on humans in the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh suffered three Russian tourists and one Ukrainian. Only one of the victims escaped with minor injuries, the other had to be amputated arm or leg. Up until December 5, the Egyptian resort beaches were closed to swimming. However, under pressure from hoteliers authorities opened them, but the next day had to close them again.

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