In the anomalous zone Zhirnovskaya found alloy unknown to science

December 26, 2012 22:59

Its hardness harder than materials used in the aerospace industry.

Great discovery in science may have committed Volgograd scientists, revealing the light, the world-famous new element of the periodic table. While he has not received an official name, and the number of chemical elements in the system he has been assigned, and the history of its discovery is shrouded by these mysteries.

Volga-known researcher of anomalous phenomena and Gennady Belimov Volgograd researcher unexplored phenomena of the psyche and the nature of Roman Valiulin during one of his expeditions to the ridge Medveditskaia found under the feet of remarkable stone. Surprising in these parts a lot, that's a strange-looking rock was decided to keep as a souvenir.

— The first thing that caught my eye — it's a through hole of the same shape on both sides, — says the curator of the research group "Consciousness" Roman Valiulin. — The area around the hole melted. Rather, it has got a linear lightning, which in these parts is not uncommon. This means that we are dealing with a unique pattern, because the hole in the form of this case is a form of lightning itself.

To investigate the melted sample, it had to be cut, however, he succumbed to the work: not helped hacksaw or Bulgarian. Part was a tiny piece, which still managed to produce was taken to the laboratory of the Volga.

Geologists, barely glancing at him, said that this sandstone, which, by the way, about 90 million years!

When melted interesting piece of stone fell into the hands of engineer laboratory metallographic methods forensic Valentina Battle, it became clear that the researchers found, and in fact a unique instance.

— After studying the stone, Valentina saw that melted part of the stone, in all probability, contains no element known to science — continues Valiulin. — "Analogue of a substance known to science does not exist" — these words ends an official document on the studies, confirmed by printing the Physics Department of the Volga.

Battle did not manage to erase (etching — a connection with a specific reagent structural components of the substance to determine its structural components), a mysterious element that is contained in the structure of the melted rock is the main link of unknown alloy. Its hardness was unusually high: an average of more than 80 units of HRC.

— Of all earthly substances and elements hardest amenable etched stainless steel, the hardness of which is 75, 80 units of HRC and above. It is etched in aqua regia at 50 degrees Celsius. In just eight seconds! — Chemists say. — Molten Stone piece from Bald Mountain lay in aqua regia at 70 degrees for a minute. Besides confusing film surrounded the part was, nothing happened.

Stone from Bald Mountain Ridge Medveditskaia has not yet revealed his secret. Volgograd scientists believe that in the formed at temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius alloy, resulting in an uncertain reaction arose unknown chemical element … But the exact answer to this question will help only further research.

Today in the periodic table of elements 118, six more open, but not named. Periodic system constantly complement scientists from the laboratories of America, Japan, and the Russian "Skolkovo".

Will Volgograd researchers in line with them, time will tell. So far, the "Volgograd element" know only that its hardness harder than materials used in the aerospace industry.

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