In the Black Sea level rises sharply hydrogen sulfide



In the Odessa gosrybohrane sounding the alarm — in the Black Sea level rises sharply serododoroda. It is reported with reference to wo Head of Management Department ichthyological Gosrybohrany Nicholas Matskula.

According to him, once the level of hydrogen sulfide was formerly at 200 meters above sea level, and now he got to 20 meters.

"Now, according to our information, he is 180-170 m is associated with a greater abstraction of water in the Danube, Dniester and Dnieper to the Crimea (North-Crimean channel)," — said Matskul.

He also noted that his office all the time children negotiations with the Moldovan side to start the water was even with the power plant, so as not to suffer the sea and the Dniester estuary, but it still does not change the situation.

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