In the election commissions — 70,000 employees

Ended with the formation of the personnel of the district election commissions in the presidential elections to be held December 19, 2010. Total commissions of 6390, 44 of them — outside Belarus.

According to the "Freedom" CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik, excluding foreign sites in the district committees will work 70,815 people. He said that the basic requirements of the electoral law made at this stage. In particular, civil servants amounts to 4.5% of the total composition of election commissions at a rate of up to one-third.

Such is the rule exists for representatives of political parties and public associations. In fact, their 41.8% in commissions. However, the party members of this figure is only 2.5%. This situation Mr. Lazavik commented as follows:

"As the saying goes, So many offers, so many got. Proposals from the parties was ten times less than that of NGOs. "

The greatest representation of public organizations are:

  • FPB
  • "White Russia"
  • Youth Union
  • Belarusian Union of Women
  • Veterans' organizations

Among the leading parties — the Communist Party of Belarus.



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