In the forests of the Novgorod region, may inhabit the snowman

November 19, 2011 23:43

At night in the woods scary starts at every rustle. Particularly disturbing is the thought that somewhere there may wander snowman.
Fiction? However, every year there are wishing only for a moment to see this mysterious creature, and many expeditions kriptobiologicheskih go camping.

They say that Bigfoot lives in practically all regions of the world, including in the forests of Novgorod region. Thus, residents of Malaya Vishera sometimes see a huge furry creature with long arms. They call it Avdoshkoy. See this creature with my own eyes I would like Novgorod and writer Dmitry Ivanov:

— As part of the expedition, I spent five days in the woods of Malaya Vishera, they say that it is through this town are the migration routes of Bigfoot. We were trying to track him down in a remote often been thirty kilometers into the forest. In May, there is very good, but the road was difficult, had to walk five kilometers to their knees in water.

It is difficult to say whether the mission was crowned with success. Thus, the participants found the interesting findings: claw marks on the tree, he did not belong, according to Dmitry Ivanov, bear or other large animal, wisps of hair on the trees. However, he did not want to seem Avdoshka guests. It did not help the various lures, set the expedition. However, in the morning it turned out that one of the toys that engage the music or lights, was touched: it approached an animal. Of course, all this does not prove that in the forest live animal unknown to science. But Dmitry Ivanov yet sure what it is. Then why hardly anyone sees the Yeti? It turns out he has a secret.

— Snowman — being harmless, but tricky. He is very afraid of people, so move through the forest is silent, — says the writer. — In addition, the Yeti — just a virtuoso on the part of camouflage. You can stand with him face to face and at the same time do not see it. Rather, when they met a person falls under a kind of hypnosis, which helps it essentially unnoticed. Hard to believe, but I think it is.

Every year, there is mounting evidence pointing to the fact that the forest lives a mysterious beast. In particular, the expedition members love to tell stories about what female yeti, living somewhere in the Russian forests, caught a stray geologist and had been keeping in captivity for a year. However, the official science still does not recognize the existence of Bigfoot. But Dmitry Ivanov does not care. According to him, the world has many mysterious phenomena to be studied. Meantime, Bigfoot may not be much of a complex puzzle. It is unlikely that he is a dead-end of humanity, or, worse yet, an alien.

According to Dmitry, most likely, this creature — the northern equivalent orangutan left over from the Ice Age. The hypothesis of a very real, if you remember that fellow northern elephant, for example, was a mammoth. At the same time, the author warns against to enjoy a true round-up of the mysterious forest dweller. After a snow man, if he does exist, — part of nature. And with nature must be handled with care and precision.

Svetlana Gorin

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