In the grave-virgin Siberian princess found Cleopatra Necklace

February 5, 2013 14:49

Jewelry of extremely bright colored glass was found in 2400-year-old tomb in Siberia. Supposed origin necklaces — Ancient Egypt.

Photo: Siberian Times

Archaeologists have discovered it gave the necklace nickname "Necklace Cleopatra" — it was discovered the skeleton of a 25-year old woman. Scientists suggest that she was a virgin priestess. Despite the fact that it was found during the excavations carried out nine years ago, the image is priceless seventeen beads demonstrated just now, because it was found in the Altai Mountains archaeologist Elena Borodovsky.

Siberian scientists have published the photos in the hope of finding experts from around the world who will be able to determine the exact origin of the necklace. "This piece of jewelry has a striking variety of colors, beautiful shades of deep and bright yellow and blue," — said Professor Andrew Borodovsky from the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography in Novosibirsk.

"I worked with the Altai antiquities for over 30 years, and this necklace is probably the most beautiful thing you've ever been able to detect," — he added.

Borodovsky professor said that the complex beads were made using the technique Milfiori, which includes the production of glass canes or rods with colored layers, which can be seen only by cutting them. It is believed that this jewelry reign of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, who died in 30 BC, but the professor Borodovsky going to find specialists to help him pinpoint the age of great discoveries. It is assumed that the owner of the necklace was 25 years old when she was buried with beads around the neck. She was believed to be a woman "blue bloods" and came from a respected tribe or clan. "It is likely that she was a priestess," — says Professor Borodovsky, — "This is also indicated by the bronze mirror, which was found in her grave."

"To mirror attached bronze chains and pendants, as well as many small bones of sacrificial butcher knife. This means that the mirror is identified creature indicating its magic function. If she performed some sacred function, it may have been a virgin, had no family, and belonged to a different social sphere "- explains the professor.

Vasily Borisov

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