In the Pacific Ocean dropped 100 tons of iron sulfate


The American businessman Russ George has spent $ 2 million on the discharge into the Pacific Ocean more than 100 tons of iron sulfate in an attempt to achieve mass blooming of plankton. When plankton begins to actively replicate, then consumes large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and then carries it with him to the bottom of the ocean, thus providing a beneficial effect on the climate.

PHOTO: Blooms of plankton in the ocean. © NASA

However, environmentalists argue that his "experiment" entrepreneur broke just two international agreements, and warned that massive plankton blooms can have unpredictable and irreversible consequences. George himself, in turn, looks at your project with optimism. According to him, some group of scientists overseeing the implementation of the geoinzhiniringovogo experiment with equipment borrowed from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
"We gathered the information, which will be able to dispel all possible fears of ocean iron fertilization. Good news "- quoted by George newspaper The Guardian.

Earlier, a businessman has made efforts to produce such a large-scale discharges of iron sulphate near the Galapagos and Canary Islands, but has made only of the authorities of Spain and Ecuador have banned its ships to enter their ports.
According to "Wikipedia", geoinzhiring — this is deliberate manipulation of the planet in the fight against global warming.

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