In the river Seversky district of Krasnodar region was a mass death of fish

In Seversky district of Krasnodar region in the river Ubinka there was a mass death of fish. First surfaced in the river all the fish, then the water in the river was black and began to publish a fetid smell.

"Presumably, this is reset with the chemical composition of a company that killed the bacteria and fish. Which one company dumped their waste into the river and thus ruined its inhabitants, it will become clear after the examination in the regional laboratory," — said the head of the village Seversk Igor Crier .

Already produced sampling, within 10 days pending the outcome of investigations.

Several companies in the area that could contaminate the river. The experts found that it fell into the water. According to authorities, the perpetrators will be brought to justice, broadcasting company "STC".

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