In the Zhytomyr region lightning killed a guys father found his son on the sound of a mobile phone

On July 21, about 15 hours near the village town in Zhytomyr region Ruzhin lightning hit the 21-year-old boy. Vitali walked through the field, carrying his father, who handles the day on the tractor field cigarettes. Bad weather descended suddenly, when the guy was almost in the middle of pure field, where there was no way to protect yourself from the elements, the press service of the UMCHS in Zhytomyr region.
Father and some of his companions hid from the rain under a canopy field camp. They had seen two or three lightning struck the ground very close. Man, sensing danger, called his son. He did not answer, but a few minutes ago on the cell said that on the way. Storm ended as suddenly as it had begun. Men immediately rushed to search for Vitali.
-Found his lifeless body helped phone that regularly broadcast calls. Included were the guy in the chest, burned the body and stop the heart. Trying to do CPR gave no results — told rescuers.
Recall three days ago in the Zhitomir region of lightning killed a woman and injured her husband.

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