In Tomsk, increased smog from forest fires

Smog from forest fires enveloped Tomsk on Tuesday, Thursday intensified, told RIA Novosti the regional Emergencies Ministry.

According to authorities, at present, there are 33 forest fires in 12 districts of the area 7.878 hectares. For the last day in the region having six fires in the area of 24.8 hectares, eliminated three fires on the area of 503.2 hectares.

Tuesday Tomsk blanketed by a forest fire could in effect in 60 kilometers from the regional center. On Wednesday, he was the cause of outages Tomsk airport. By Thursday morning could not weakened, but strengthened again by noon.

"B" Tomskgidromete "say that we have no wind at the bottom, at the top — the eastern and south-east. So this haze from forest fires" — a spokesman said.

Witnesses told the news agency that the air has increased odor.

According to the Tomsk oblkomprirody at 11.00 local time, the concentration of carbon monoxide in Tomsk was 0.84 of the maximum permissible concentration (MPC), suspended matter (dust, soot) — 1.1 on the MAC. Two hours later, the concentration of the gas was 1.3 ugranogo from MAC.

On Thursday, the regional center were people in masks.

According to the mayor's office in Tomsk, in connection with the heat and smoke local therapist encouraged to visit the home of Tomsk citizens with chronic diseases of the heart and lungs. Sharp increases went to doctors in the town hall was not marked.

The city Strezhevoy north region sostonyaiyu at noon significantly exceeded the rate of suspended substances, it was 3.3 on the MAC.

According to the Tomsk airport because of flight delays can start. In particular, delayed by three and five hours delayed arrival of flights from Surgut (airline "UTair") and Strezhevoy ("Tomsk Avia"), a three-hour delayed flight departures "UTair" in Barnaul. Canceled flight "Tomsk Avia" in northern village of pioneer.

The forests in the region continues to operate a state of emergency imposed order of the Governor of the Tomsk region in view of the deterioration of the forest fire situation.

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