In Touch hit the blacklist RIAA

The list of sites — distributors of illegal music composed RIAA (RIAA), includes a number of Russian and Ukrainian resources.

RIAA (RIAA) has compiled a list of online and physical markets outside the United States, which contribute to the spread of illegal music, says TorrentFreak. The list was compiled at the request of a representative of the Office of U.S. Trade.

Among the areas where flourishing trade in pirated discs, RIAA mention of La Salada in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tepito district of the Mexican capital, Mexico City, and the Polish cities along the border with Germany.

The list of sites — distributors of pirated music association including Chinese search engine Baidu, Finnish metapoiskovik Torrentz, The Pirate Bay, the torrent directory Canadian isoHunt, Rapidshare and other file sharing resources.

Major stake in the list are sites of Russian and Ukrainian descent — in particular, Russia's largest social network of "contact." RIAA said that "contact" gives its users the ability to upload to the site illegal audio and video recordings, and noted that the access to the resource can be obtained not only from Russia but also from other countries.

In addition, says RIAA, access to databases of music and video of "contact" and no one can have an account in the social network. You can use a special third-party applications — such as service Mulve, whose creators have been arrested in the UK in early October.

Also in the "black list» RIAA mentioned Ukrainian torrent tracker Demonoid, file hosting Ukrainian and Russian and Ukrainian sites — traders illegal music: GoldenMp3, Mp3ninja, MP3fiesta and Mp3panda.

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