In Transcarpathia authorities do nothing, and the people with houses slide into the abyss

In Transcarpathia authorities do nothing, and the people with houses slide into the abyss

The village Solotvyno Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region for nearly a decade because of the underground salt mines sags soil. And the depth of its greatest failure — 130 meters, the smallest — 8. In the danger zone are 290 houses, which is home to around 1,500 people.

In the village there is one of Europe's largest salt panning enterprises. However, in recent years, it does not work, as the underground water flooded almost all of mine. If before it was about to save the extraction of salt, now experts in one voice say: first of all you need to think about the people were living in the vicinity of karst valleys.

"Subsidence in Solotvyno began with the launch of the first mine — since 1778. Since then, some places began to appear shallow crater. But the process has become a large-scale in 2004, — says Yuri Ukhalov, chairman of the local selrady. — Just when frequent accidents at the mine. Specialists of the company for a long time analyzing reinforced karst manifestations and compared them with a map of the underground workings of the mine "Kunigunda." Over time, came to the conclusion that all the craters are on the exhaust chamber of the mine. "

How many today in the village of karst holes — do not count anyone. But a lot of them.
"Some appear, others are expanding, changing the shape and depth — complains Yuri Ukhalov. — Scientists and specialists from different departments has been studying the failures and their causes in order to predict the further development of the situation. "

The reason for the enhanced subsidence, on the findings of scientists, is to reduce the salt concentration in the upper water layer. This is due to contact with brine groundwater. To eliminate existing gaps, according to calculations of experts, about 200 million hryvnia.

Desperate people complain about the inaction of the authorities. On their own they can not do anything, so even agree to relocate to the neighboring village: it scary to live there, where every day there are new funnel. Fortunately, victims Solotvyno has not happened.

Commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency state administration in its conclusions unanimously in areas of karst dips dangerously. Money for resettlement will look. But, says the chairman selrady the problem Solotvyno — state level. Therefore, it must decide in the higher echelons of power. This is true, in fact, financing the necessary work.

By the way, in May, when the Carpathian region a working visit to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, he talked about the construction of a new salt panning enterprise and residential complex for displaced people in neighboring villages Tereblya. It sounded nice and all told promise. But, as it turned out, it was just nice words. In Solotvyno all remained the same: the authorities do nothing, and the people with houses slide into the abyss.

Vera Subotin

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