Indigo children in Russia — Star Children

October 28, 2011 18:09

I am now at the stage of research on the topic of "new" children often have to tell the ignorant in the matter of the signs indigo children, their main difference from ordinary people. But long before I took up this same professional colleague for UFO Research, Captain I rank retired, chairman of the Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena in the Russian Geographical Society of St. Petersburg Eugene P. Litvinov. He systematized information about the children of Indigo Books Lee Carroll and Jan Tober "Indigo Children" and "Children of the Indigo-2. Holiday color Indigo "by presenting them in a table. Something of the qualities of indigo we have already touched on here, something — no. For example, I take a very genetic differences indigo that points directly to the targeted share of the curators of the Earth, but in the Russian sources I have not been able to meet these studies, and therefore refer to it no matter what. In Carroll and Tober, such information is presented, and this is reflected in the survey differ from conventional indigo earthlings.

So, here are the main features of the "star children" [29]:

"They are not like us" — only they have an aura of indigo — dark blue. They see each other well, and their distance is determined by representatives of other worlds.

"Indigo children — interplanetary phenomena" — they're from different worlds, they have developed "space thinking", they have a lot of contact with aliens.

They are trained in night schools of other worlds. Sometimes learning is through dreams. In the dream, they see Crystal City, the silver space ships, the night sky with two moons. Some know where they and their parents ("constellation Cetus," for example).

Indigo Children — genetically transformed podselentsy — they often tell their parents what they were before, and why they are here on Earth. They choose their own future mother …

They "just know" that may not be aware of the life experience — from the sayings of 2-year-olds: "I know that I — Indigo", "We — the children of God", "… current incarnation on earth for us last … '

They have high self-esteem — they call themselves "great". They come into this life with the knowledge itself — I quote: "I came to see and experience something new," "teachers want me to be manually operated, and I am in actual fact — automatic", "and another I love myself, because it makes me stronger "(in 3 years).

7) They have different physiology:

new blood;

lower heart rate;

range of electromagnetic waves emanating from the bodies of indigo children range from 3,222,000 to 11,350,000 Hz (the average person three times less);

very high immunity — rarely get sick, AIDS does not apply to them, but they have all cited a "lack of attention span syndrome" with hyperactivity;

both hemispheres of the brain they are equally developed;

they have a phenomenal memory;

• 64 units of genetic information (codons) a person employed under a third (20), the indigo children, more than half (32 or more);

• sleeping little, eating when hungry and that body needs.

8) They have a "difficult character", requiring patience and special treatment:

they want to see the results of their actions, deeds — the "here and now";

they enjoy all that unusual, unexpected, extraordinary;

They only do what they understand why this is necessary;

• They do not respond to the tactics of suggestion of guilt and do not respond to coercion, notations, punishment, but respond well to respect them as adults, as well as the approval of their selection and evaluation;

9) Indigo children — socially significant:

• They are the peacemakers, and came to this world to save him;

• they are altruists from birth, they have well-developed sense of compassion;

for them the only acceptable position for Action — love and trust, and they are generous in this;

they are open and honest — and this is a manifestation of their power;

they do not recognize the absolute authority, but freedom of choice.

10) This gifted children from birth:

they have an innate ability to read the entire printed text;

to 1.5-2 years in their all, and all your own opinion;

• the way they choose and subject teaching, preferring active, experiential and tactile … ("I do not want to go to college, I'm going to study angels, stars, and aliens");

• They are brilliant in art, in music, languages and programming, they have an IQ IQ of 120 to 130 and above (the average person average 90-109);

• they are wise: 2-year-old looked his father in the orchestra pit, and after some time has said, "I will like you drummer — repeatedly struck, and the money" flowing "without interruption", in 3 years: "You — email I — the envelope, "- he said a single mother of her fans. The question "why" answers: "To read the letter — take cover, but the tear, and then throw away", in 5 years: he kissed his mother goodbye (spouses in divorce), repeatedly rubbed her cheek with his palm, "I want to rub it (the kiss) in the heart. "

11) Indigo Children — a technologically advanced children:

1.5-2 years excellent command consoles, and use electronic equipment, they are easy to learn the "logic" of electronic equipment;

they see and find more sustainable ways to do anything in school and at home: the age of 9 in the control of mathematics boy scheme designed computer "to work without electricity and manual control" (from the sun, and voice);

they are susceptible to the knowledge on safety.

12) Paranormal abilities of the "star" of children:

they communicate telepathically with the world moved from the Earth;

see the colorful glow of people;

they are astute, "read you like a book," read thoughts;

clairvoyants from birth and predict stress-free;

they are very sensitive to energy and capable of detecting vibrations at great distances;

have an innate gift of healing, especially psychologically;

• have extensive experience with the "astral travel."

And I wrote myself a short set of differences indigo, which took from the book Doreen Virtue "Indigo Child Care" — it allows me to quickly tell the main features to those interested in this issue. [30]

Features of the behavior of indigo children:

1. They come into this world with a sense of grandeur (and often act accordingly.)

2. They feel that they "can be found here on the Right," and are surprised when others do not share this opinion.

3. They do not doubt in his mission. They often explain to parents "who they are."

4. For them, there is almost no absolute authority (which is necessary to obey unquestioningly and unconditionally).

5. There are things that they just do not want to do, for example, standing in line for them to bear.

They lost when faced with systems that require compliance with the rituals and do not allow creative thought.

Often they see the best (for me) way to solve problems, both at home and at school, which is why they are seen as "troublemakers" (which can not adapt to any system).

They seem unsociable, if not in the company of their own kind. If there is no one who would have the similar mentality, they often turn in on themselves, feeling that nobody in the world does not understand them. In school, they sometimes face difficulties in terms of communication.

They do not respond to "education penalty" ("Hold on, my father would come home — he will ask you!").

They do not hesitate to express their needs.

Now I wonder how these two augmented list features indigo children, including children and crystalline when they will study more closely. I guess the list will expand — we just perceive these children.

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