Indonesia is sinking in water


After the USA and Venice, in Indonesia also rose water level. In the big cities — Jakarta, Bandung and Semrang sink gradually from subsidence. Jakarta, according to the Ministry of Environment of Indonesia may soon be under water

Today, Indonesia rescues from the water's three largest cities — Semarang, Jakarta and Bandung. This is a "zone alarm", which announced the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the country. Because of the extensive use of groundwater data stomped on subsidence.

In the first place by the degree of subsidence is Jakarta. Its record — 10 cm per year. Bandung and Semarang consistently go into the ground by 5-7 cm per year.

Dodid Murdozardono — Head of Environmental Geology of the Ministry and the Center of groundwater concerned about the situation. According to his statements, if nothing is done, the Jakarta can be completely submerged.

Data from national media say that more than half of the metropolitan area is already lower than the benchmark of the sea. This is due to the fact that during the rainy season most areas of Jakarta are flooded. Powerful pumps are working around the clock to try to pump out the water arriving. Meanwhile, the processes of subsidence only accelerating.

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