Infirmary the Burdenko

Burdenko hospitalPeople who are faced with bolshennymi physical exertion may face neuvvyazkami in terms of health. Such difficulties if they are not fit to solve, may lead to total disability person. A herniated spinal problems with the musculoskeletal system, and other dysfunction should be identified at a particular stage of formation. But often specifically of early diagnosis of various diseases is not made with the efficiency that will help reduce the risk.

In Russia now working enough military medical centers, which provide the opportunity for servicemen and veterans pass quality healing and diagnostic activities. To one of their Oldest Acquisition of military medical institutions of the country is the Chief Military Clinical infirmary Burdenko. Now it can be called a real flagship of Russian military medicine.

Controls Military Clinical Hospital Major-General Igor Maksimov, who is the creator of more than 2-hundred scientific papers on medicine and its development. General Maximov — winner of the prestigious prize Khruleva I degree.

Now the Burdenko hospital performs full range of medical services aimed at identifying and high-quality healing of various diseases. This includes diagnosis and healing cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Here some of the best medical professionals in the country carrying out operations related to organ transplants, dental events, healing problems of the liver and pancreas.

In Military Clinical Hospital them.Burdenko has branches in almost all Russian cities. Now the military and veterans are able to attend to the healing procedures branches in Tula, Krasnoznamenskaya Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo and railway.

Now eminent hospital offers a huge number of vacancies of different spice honey directions. To work in the Military Clinical Hospital named.Burdenko required laboratory, medical statistics, medical transfusion, honey sisters, staff, paramedics, nurses and bacteriologists. With all of this to get more disk imaging can be attributed to the personnel service Burdenko Military Clinical Hospital and clarify all the questions about what works and what is the schedule of payment.

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