Is there a nationality of the Bolsheviks?

Material of broken crosses were bent some of our visitors have suggested what type of people are doing similar things.

Roman, Minsk: Young Bolshevik "proudly marched" through the cemetery.

Ghost clarified: Young Russian Bolshevik.

A similar opinion about the political leanings and nationality Kurapaty vandals and Ludmila from Minsk:

Kamunafashysty and Russian natsyyanalshavinisty in our country, well-behaved pachuvayuts.Chamu not? After sealing against us "Rusko with a quality mark".

It seems, however, that is not so simple, or maybe a bit more complicated. Crimes of this type occur in Poland and other Central European countries, not to mention Russia or Ukraine. But in Poland or the Czech Republic for such extreme acts of vandalism do "Russian Bolsheviks" or "Russian natsyyanalshavinistav", which in these countries do not. And there are, apparently, his — and the Bolsheviks, and the chauvinists and fascists. Bolshevism in NO clear certain nationality even though he was born in Russia. Every country that has somehow fallen under the influence of Bolshevik ideas and techniques, and has made a contribution to the development of this ideology. Belarus is no exception.

We conclude the discussion of Kurapaty vandals offer another internet.

Ales, City H: Pray for these people to.

The theme of modern Bolsheviks continue in connection with the laying of flowers party "Fair World" under the monument to the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution in Minsk on the anniversary of the revolution.

Bronislaw, Minsk: Lenin to remain on the Kremlin throne, traded Belarusian lands right-to-left. Since his decree of 1918 on the ground of Western Belarus, he gave Poland, and in 1920, Smolensk and Bryansk he gave Russia, Dvinshchynu — Latvia. Apparently, for this our land Bolsheviks urge him monuments. Shame! Must uproot from our land Bolshevik idols and honor the memory of the glorious sons of Belarus. Or will you find today in Belarus where monuments Olgerd, Vytautas, Ostrog, Sapieha, Kosciusko, Jasinski, Wroblewski, Epimah-Shepilu, Bogushevich, Heniyush and other fighters for our region? The people who do not appreciate their past, no future.

Yet the cause of Lenin in Belarus, as it turns out, lives.

Historian: Without Lenin would not be at all Belarus. It is the only representative of the Russian political elite, who actually gave the people of Belarus statehood. NOT Russian tsar, not the White generals, not satsyyalist Keranski — namely Lenin! As for Lenin's personality, it's hard to find the perfect people. Disadvantages with a strong desire can be found in any person. Perhaps in those difficult conditions at all other would not survive such an ordeal … During the recent crimes of the fascist regime of Stalin, Lenin's policy of national social justice i should not vinavatsitstsa by the Belarusian public.

While Belarus returns to the Leninist principles of national and social policy, Belarusians still have to figure out how to Lukashenko. Lukashenko's recent approval of his commandos just tsatskayutstsa with the opposition, if you compare the way of bypassing the law enforcement bodies of demonstrators in the West, caused two further reflection:

12, Minsk: Indeed, what for gas and water cannons, simply dismiss people from work and everything. All are healthy and happy … Or just a week later compile a report that a man was using obscene language. Lukashism — Jesuit ideology management.

Oleg, Grodno
: People like Lukashenko love chaos vkoly themselves because they constantly have to work on his alleged liquidation, but the next elimination creates another mess. Changing demeanor, matched other words, yet all remains the same chaos. And Lukashenka's particularly gaining hopelessly pathological.

Generally we do not like the signature of comments Anonymous, but this time we do not only have to quote one such post, but also to recognize its author virtual bottle of Czech beer. Koment was caused by the news that the headquarters of Vladimir Pravalski collected 700 signatures in order to register him as a candidate for the presidential election. According to the chairman of the CEC Lidziya Yarmoshyna, the remaining 99,000-plus signatures required for registration, headquarters made a photocopy of said 700 signatures.

Anonym: Good for you, Vladimir Pravalski. This businessman. He has a great future. In Lukashenka will go. Surely once was director of the farm. It is not surprising if it turns out to be that he is just beginning his life in Shklou irresponsible. How, after all, plenty of our land to the smart and talented people.

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