It is in the Czech Republic president can take the trolley and ride to the factory

Man: "You know: the president to come to a settlement, it is necessary to carry out certain activities to receive the President. This Czech president can take the trolley and ride to the factory. And we see, another security service."

Man: "I think the president should come and express sympathy to the people. Maybe no, what? (Laughs)"

Young woman: "Of course, I think I should be involved in the lives of their people. If such a tragedy occurred, then — always."

Man: "I have certainly come, it's a tragedy. President, it must, in this case simply must do this."

Man: "I will, if such a situation has turned out. Not so much in our country that are difficult to fly or drive. He must be present at the scene."

Man: "On the radio, heard the broadcast. I believe this venture the national scale, and the power of the leaders who will be — is another matter. But, regardless of the scope and magnitude of empathy should be more."

Pensioner: "He believes that he has a more important task at the moment. Much can be said about the people that all of the people, but only to say, right? But the words are irrelevant podoshesh, I think so."

Woman: "You know what, I'm not the president. I do not decide these questions. Sorry for people, of course, but, in my opinion, there nyadbaystvam smell."

Young woman: "Probably should visit the relatives of those who died. Mourning, maybe I would declare."

Mr."You know, it's probably all would be done sooner or later. But I'm not leading the country, I do not know."

Man: "I'm working in a furniture factory. Course, the President is to keep everything on the remote, especially when people are dying."

Mr."I think it would be wise — to visit, to express sympathy, to provide some assistance to the families of those who died. But perhaps it is in our tradition: we have not always been a man of great value."

Mr."Well, of course, have to drive to the scene of the tragedy."

Young people:
"Let him do in good conscience. His position is more, he knows better …"

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