It is like a shepherd of the candidates to allocate Shklow yes padvozchyka feed from Astravets

What is the mood of society are rampant today, one and a half months before the presidential elections in the Belarusian village? As the villagers assess the changes in the collective farm system over the past decade and a half? Or believe in the saving power of agro-towns through which the government is trying to stop the degradation of the total village?

Answers to these and other questions in trying to give his letter to the "Freedom" Ales Ratkevich of Maladzechna area, of messages which will begin this conversation with. The listener writes:

"People in the village in the first place need the money, as well as schools, baths and everything else that reformers and revivalists demolished. And no houses should be built, and repaired brick shmatkvaterniki that no residents fell into disrepair, and yet have a very decent and modern appearance. And thus saved money — on wages and on the development of the economy. Otherwise, who will go to a backward economy with beautiful cottages, which does not feel any changes for the better? alcoholics and they do not stay where it is not working at all and fell from bezgaspadarlivastsi baths, libraries, shops, FAP, clubs, schools Lots of fields that were previously handled, now overgrown with weeds, barshchavikom, bushes. to less worries, farms Knock gardens (in our Lukovtsev — about 30 acres! )

The present leaders are trying to do something, but for some reason their efforts do more harm than good.

Here we take Hatsenchytski Vileika village council district. On its territory two so-called "agro" — "Karpovich" and "Lukovets." In the 90s there were about three and a half thousand people. And now — a half thousand, mostly retired. Following residents dying and life itself villages. There used to be a hospital (now not), hospital (disappeared), pavdyasyatka FAP (there were three), about a dozen clubs (there were three), it was about and libraries (currently only two), more than a dozen shops (now four). And the most important thing and the worst thing that from a dozen schools remained only Hatsenchytskaya secondary school ", wrote in his letter to the" Freedom "Ales Ratkevich of Maladzechna district. -" It is now 60. First, second and third classes are absent, because they had no one to teach. Through the year, the highest in three and this, the last school in Hatsenchytskim village council will be forced to close. And after the village council and the school will disappear, because people almost never left.

Why local authorities just do not realize it does not do anything to save the village? Public funds, which are so lacking, in my opinion, just squandered. An example of this: the repair of the building of the village council has been spent in This year, about two hundred million rubles. In Lukovtsev for such money could repair the large number of apartments in shmatkvaternikah. This would be fine, and low-cost housing for those who want to link their fate with the village. But then decided otherwise. Two hundred million to renovate the building of the village council, which was still in good condition, and billions for houses, but still do not know for whom. Who would come here and for how long? How can collective interest of the people? Whether they will agree for very little money to rebuild the destroyed?

Which you can find justification for all this? Who truly take and take on such a responsibility to revive the lost? So far, these are not visible. But all aspire to power, like flies to honey. And neither said specifically how to pull out from the depths of the collective farms and at the expense of billions of dollars in loans that give?

And their voices now people probably will not be given to anyone, because it neither sees worthy! People have lost confidence in some, while others have not found it yet ".

What struck me, Mr. Alexander, a phrase that, as you write, "the school, baths and everything else in the village reformers yes revivalists destroyed." And when, interestingly, they had to make this debacle? In the early 90s? But even then, the real executive power in Belarus remained in the hands of the communist and post-communist nomenklatura that hands and teeth holding on to the collective farm system. You yourself admit: back in the 90s in the villages, which you know well, and working hands-and school work, and hospitals, and clubs … So who is to blame for the decline, which is particularly rapid, fatal began in the last decade? Policy-makers in Belarus at the time? Who restrict private initiative, did not give freedom a farmer, did not give the land to private hands and repeated the mantra that the farmer will not save the village, and he touched the collective will not allow anyone? .. In a strange way, Ales, that the blame for this total degradation of the village you take the same extent and on those who all this time had the power, and those who in any way to affect the agricultural policy of the state could not.

The following letter sent to us Anton Vertsihovski of Polotsk. In discussing the causes of the conflict between Alexander Lukashenko and the masters of the Kremlin, a listener writes:

"Lukashenko has tricky balancing and non-recognition of Ossetia and Abkhazia angered the Kremlin. Besides, it is too long used the Russian oil and gas as a cash cow. This could not last forever. But Moscow is going to change Lukashenko to someone else? Far, that has not seen. Prem 'er Putin — experienced spetssluzhbist. He realizes now if Russia would support any one candidate, then very soon the candidate will nevtralizavany. Anyway, to prepare for such a short time, a color revolution — is impossible. Lukashenko — a toughie. But wait — let's see how events will unfold. While it is pro-Russian candidate in sight. Nekljaev — this is not a trial balloon Russia in this election. This — a little trial balloon. Anyway, Belarusian poet reputation of the pro-Russian candidate does not fit.

I think these elections for Lukashenko may be the last successful election in his political biography ".

This idea — that the current presidential election could be the latest in a political biography of Lukashenko — shared by many experts, political scientists and politicians. Talk and write about the fatigue policy Lukashenko Belarusian society, about the difficult economic band, which is waiting for Belarus in the coming years, as hopelessly damaged relations with Lukashenko Medvedev and Putin. At the same time, however, almost no one is hoping that the change of power in Belarus will occur as a result of the December presidential election.

The lack of unity among the opposition before the elections complains Vasily Zawadzki of Maladzechna. In his letter to the "freedom", he writes:

"The candidates from the opposition very much, but what's with that sense? Ordinary people did not know them. This is like a shepherd select candidates from Shklow yes padvozchyka feed from Astravets. If I could have been on the ballot the names Kozulin or Milinkevich — is another matter. The people they know. But, probably, and they understand what this election. Why waste time?

Lukashenko as president was, and remains. The opposition is crushed. They rallied in one game — maybe it would be a real force. And then nastvarali different parties — even the names I can not follow them. And laughter, and sin. I can not understand why so many of them.

I am already in '80. Poor eyesight, even the glasses do not help. I can no longer read. I know that "Freedom" has released a disc of memories Vasil Bykov's "The Long Way Home." Bulls — a big personality, honor, Belarus. We should all thank God that He sent a man of our nation. I have a lot of works of Vasil Bykov.
There are also "Long Way Home." But will not be able to read. I would like to listen to the voice of death, and lines from the book of this great man "

The fact that the need to unite for the sake of victory, without a single candidate to oppose equal to these elections, the current government is meaningless — opposition politicians know. They are many times from different sides warned about this and begged to agree among themselves. But political ambition — so powerful force that sometimes makes not believe in ignoring the obvious and indisputable …

Now — as for the request about an audio CD with the memories of Vasil Bykov in the author's reading. Similar letters we receive from many of our other students. Here he writes, for example, Oleg Dovgalo from Gomel:

"Thank you for all that you do. Listening to you every day — at home and at the cottage. You are talking about another of Belarus — the real, which lives, fighting for a better future.

I will soon be 71 years old. Since childhood, I live in Gomel. In literature and art have always been interested in the theme of war, which is cleverly revealed in his works Vasil Bykov. My father's 1894 year of birth fought throughout his life, served in the First and Second World Wars, fought with the partisans, took up arms in the Civil War. Talked a lot about that time.

I would be very grateful if you find the opportunity to send memories Vasil Bykov's "Long Way Home".

And one more letter-request — from Anatoly Lyudchyka from Lida. The listener writes:

"Once upon a time I fell into the hands of Vasil Bykov book in Russian. Previously, I did not know this writer. Started reading — and could not put it down. Amazed that the author wrote about the war at all in the style to which we are While accustomed to. His books — the true life, pain and suffering of man, his doubts, disappointments and reflection.

In your gear sounded memories Bykov in the author's reading. This is very impressed — knowing that a great writer is no longer with us ".

And you, dear listeners, whose letters of request were made today, and many other members of the "Freedom" — the authors of interesting reports, memoirs, reviews — will soon get an audio CD with the voice of Vasily Bykov by mail — as a gift from Radio Liberty.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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