Japan denied the reality engineering calculations

Japanese authorities have imposed a state of emergency in the area of nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" and "Fukushima-2." There is fixed a leak of radiation. The population of the three towns within 10 kilometers to evacuate. 20,000 people to flee their homes.

Honshu Island continues to shake the tremors. The night before, an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 points happened in Niigata Prefecture. Score died in the hundreds. Authorities confirmed the death of 242 people. More than 700 remain missing.

Salvage operations on the island of Honshu not stop for a minute. Now the main thing — to get people from the rubble, and to ensure the safety of those elements not affected.

Archipelago continues to shake all the new tremors. Strong enough to have not yet collapsed building them did not survive. Now they say that all of the buildings, especially the strategic or vital, had to stand during oscillation and greater strength, but denies the reality of engineering calculations.

Emergency situations have arisen on three nuclear power plants — "Onagawa", "Fukushima-1" and "Fukushima-2." In the control room of the first reactor, "Fukushima-1" radiation levels exceeded a thousand times. On the "Fukushima-2" out of service the cooling system of several reactors.

To normalize their work necessary coolant. It must deliver to Japan from the United States. While experts say that the pressure inside the reactor is stable.

"I believe it is necessary to pay more attention to the choice of location for the construction of nuclear power plants. Japan — a very densely populated country, which has serious seismic issues. And what we are seeing now — the result of miscalculations. The Japanese to rethink placement strategy of nuclear power plants, as well as mechanisms to respond to an emergency, "- said the expert," Global Security "Edwin Lyman.

At the station, began preparing for production of a pair of systems of all four reactors. Authorities have assured: the population is safe. But in any case within 10 kilometers from the station has started an emergency mass evacuation. Leave their homes, residents of three nearby towns. And it is at least 20,000 people.

This morning in the disaster area by helicopter headed by Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

"We worked through the night trying to find a mechanism to resolve the situation. To clearly understand what exactly you need help, I will go to the affected areas. Fly with me nuclear specialists us to the local authorities to assess the situation. And, on this basis will to make decisions, "- Naoto Kan said.

8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami led to huge damage. Wave demolished everything in its path — houses, cars, boats … Almost 4 million homes in Tokyo and the surrounding area were without electricity. Schools are closed. The country has paralyzed air and rail transport. Several high-speed passenger train derailed.

Tokyo subway system is not working. Tens of thousands of people to get home on foot. At Narita airport lounges stuck 13,000 people, 10,000 sleeping in the terminal building Haneda.

Across the country is not working, mobile and fixed-line communications. The only available resource — the Internet. In the aftermath of elements involved 8,000 soldiers.

The damage caused by this most devastating earthquake on record can not be calculated even approximately. But authorities will not even think. The threat of new tsunami in the northeast of the island of Honshu saved.

Author: Olga Hodinova

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