Japanese nuclear power plant has started to uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction

On Saturday at a Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" began an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

The air in the plant detected radioactive cesium, which is formed by the reaction of nuclear fission. Now it is in the reactor of control.

According to preliminary data, cesium could spread in the air because of the alloy fuel in one of the Directors.

It was reported earlier that the pressure inside the reactor plant "Fukushima-1" exceeds the safety margin in the case of 2.1.

The temperature and pressure inside one of the reactors began to rise after a failure in the cooling system, caused by a powerful earthquake.

Uncontrollable nuclear chain reaction, that is, a consistent allocation of atomic nuclei, is used in nuclear weapons.


Risk of explosion at nuclear power plants in Japan eliminated

London. March 12. INTERFAX.RU — The NPP "Fukushima I" in Japan managed to get some of the gas accumulated in the reactor containment, resulting in decreased pressure inside the reactor, according to the BBC BBC referring to the Japanese agency Kyodo Tsushin.

Previously leaked radioactive cesium was found near one of the power plant. Detection of cesium could mean that after the failure of the cooling system of the reactor core melted reactor fuel.
According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the local people were evacuated from the ten-kilometer zone around the plant.

To assess the situation at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" is not enough information

MOSCOW, March 12 — RIA Novosti.For objective assessment of the situation in the earthquake stricken Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", where, according to the latest data, was recorded partial melt the reactor core of one of the units, very little information, told RIA Novosti expert in nuclear energy, the chief editor of the news portal atominfo Alexander Uvarov.

"The Japanese nuclear power plant, according to the latest data, there was a difficult situation. Unfortunately for the detailed assessment of what is happening there is not enough information. Still unclear whether grazing noble gases from the reactor containment, it is unknown how many unit was without power, and what is the current level of water in the unit, it is unclear whether there was a molten reactor core. Detailed information about what is going on at the plant, it is extremely important not only for Japan but also for the whole world, because it is of a serious accident on one of the most dangerous of power — nuclear power station, "- he said.

One of the strongest earthquakes in recent years happened on Friday off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. Magnitude of 8.9. The earthquake caused a great tsunami in parts of the height of the tidal wave was more than ten meters. More than one thousand people dead and missing.

Immediately after the earthquake began to receive information on emergency stops at several Japanese nuclear power plants. At nuclear power plants in Fukushima interrupted power supply, cooling of the reactor was broken. Radiation levels at one of the reactors has exceeded the norm by 1000 times. Already at two stations in Japan, declared an emergency.

Lowering the water level in the reactor cooling rods "Fukushima-1" meant that the rods are more than one meter above the surface of the water. They melted fuel and part of the metal shell cores, resulting in the reactor was fixed radioactive cesium and iodine — a consequence of the splitting of the uranium in the reactor. As a result, experts managed to lower the pressure inside the reactor, which could cause the destruction of membranes and cause leakage of radiation.

At Japanese nuclear explosion

The explosion and the release of white smoke occurred on Saturday at the earthquake Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", where previously there were meltdown of the nuclear fuel.
By reportedly injured several people. The incident occurred on the first nuclear reactor in 16:00 local time (10:00 MSK). Previously, in order to prevent the destruction of the reactor containment was conducted in an atmosphere of dumping of radioactive steam. Then, in the cooling circuits of the reactor began to pump fire pumps sea water.
"Fukushima" — the world's largest nuclear power complex, it supplies energy Tokyo. Actually consists of two nuclear power plants, their total capacity — 8800 MW. Problems occurred at the first station — it was launched in 1971. It operates six reactors. For comparison — the Chernobyl nuclear power plant before the accident produces 3800 megawatts.

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