Jora Coast: I — the pilot. Man profession

April 15, day of birth, the only veteran astronaut ZHoru Beregovoy. The years of the coming into being of a character refer to the most languid period of Russian history of the country because of his childhood took place in the criteria of the terrible life. A native Ukrainian SSR, Fedorivka village in the Poltava province Enakievskaya finished 8th grade middle school, and then began working in a steel plant. In a small interview, brother Mike Shore, told reporters that Jora T. grew up like all the naughty boys and pugnacious. In his youth, the future Hero successfully cooperated work and training in a local flying club.

George Shore, "I - the pilot.  Man profession "

In 1938, the Coast joins the ranks of the Red Army. Since December 12, Jora T. trained at the military school aviators them. Donbass proletariat and ends her nine days before the start of stateliness Russian. He be successfully mastered the control of IL-2 and was appointed commander of the assault squadron in the Guards regiment attack aircraft number 90.

In wartime the Coast performs more than 180 sorties, for all that it knocked three times, he gets injured, but continues to fight against the fascists. First Star of the Hero Jora T. received 26 October 1944 for exemplary conduct of military operations on the instructions of command in the fight against the invaders. In his own interview with the Coastal son Victor G. is aware of how his father responded about military exploits and the realities of war. There were special skills ability to converge on military vehicles to a distance of 2-meters and by releasing the steering wheel, hands-free display to the pilot of the second attack aircraft. Asked a variety of goals, bombarded Coast enemy tanks, trains, ferries, and also strategically fundamental points. Hero of the Soviet Union and took part in the famous raid on a German airfield near Lviv.

Returning home after the war, went to the High Coast officer school and graduated from it in 1948. In addition, the courses and passed the character test pilots. The upcoming war veteran life was completely devoted to working in NII Air Force as a test. During the period from 1948 to 1964, he lifted into the sky a few 10-s and other jet aircraft of the latest generation. Coast experienced models such as the MiG-19P, I-320, Yak-K, Tu-128 and others. During the flight ispytatelskoy war veteran was awarded the title of Honored Test Pilot of the USSR. For the brave and competent behavior in abnormal situations in flight, the Su-9, the pilot was given a movie camera. Rewarding personally by designer Sukhoi. In addition, in 1956 he graduated from the Air Force Academy, then betrothed to honor the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin.

At 43, the next medical commission one of the doctors joked that with health as in the Coast can be safely written to the astronauts. Jora T. took this joke as a guide to action, and in 1963 headed for enrollment in the astronaut. To achieve this goal Shore had to undergo training program from fly aboard the Alliance also overcome the most difficult tests. Invaluable assistance rendered NP Kamanin, who knew the pilot of another veteran from the war. He has promoted to settle the matter to age, because the detachment perceived only persons younger than 35 years old. According to the accounts of contemporaries, veteran did not feel his own age, although it was the most adult of the team members. He was even friendly called "grandfather". Leonov's own memoirs Shore speaks respectfully, because, in his view, to learn from the young it was quite difficult. Jora T., being an experienced pilot and hero, was able to overcome themselves and learn the specifics of gallakticheskih flights. He did not concede to the physical parameters of any one member of the team, and tireless optimism and have allowed to become the main challenger to send a journey into orbit.

George Shore, "I - the pilot.  Man profession " In the end, 26 October 1968 aboard the Coast Alliance -3 went into the icy embrace of space. The flight lasted not many least 4 days, while it has made an attempt to interface with the Soyuz-2, operating in an unmanned mode. For this flight astronaut, soldier got his second Star of the Hero. The value of the flight of the Soyuz-3 is difficult to overestimate. It represents not only repeat the famous catastrophic launch Soyuz 1 Komarova an astronaut on board, and was complicated by the need to conduct the first test ships to dock in space. After the death of the brave astronauts were carried out 5 more launches of unmanned vehicles, all of which were successful. But the mental barrier after the disaster remained. Particularly embarrassing designers, testers, analysts, and other professionals requirement for docking at the shaded part of the orbit. Taking into account the process of adapting to the conditions gallakticheskogo flight to make a similar operation was virtually impossible.

Despite the fact that the dock could not perform, the Coast brought back to Earth valuable experience and observations, which are then taken into account in the following flights.

Jora T., unlike many stately people and heroes, had a gift for words and left to posterity his labors. "Angle of attack", "Edge of courage", "Three high" and almost everything else have unique descriptions and stories, as reflections of majestic man, a real patriot and warriors. Coast began to write more in 1971, the first of his works have been devoted to wartime and aviation, he also described the gallakticheskoe journey. The value of his memories are very high because the astronaut with a jeweler's precision and clearly outlines their human condition in adapting to a state of weightlessness, also knows a lot of amusing things about his stay in orbit.

Jora T. himself in his memoirs, tells us about the feelings he experienced, going into the unknown depths of space. The creator says that the serial call that flight was impossible, as, in general, impossible to talk about the series in general gallakticheskih flights. Every new launch and the flight is actually its own unique because, even going into orbit 30 the third, he felt pervoprohodchikom. He told readers about the horror of the accident, which may once and for all close the door on ship for the 47-year old astronaut. Even in the dining room where members of the team get better, which have been assigned except for the Coast as the number 2 and number 3 Shatalov Volynov, the staff had to wear gauze masks. Easy runny or too high a pressure can, in an instant with the Coastal send nominations for the position of principal in store. Fortunately, there was no unexpected complications, and the flight took place.

Jora T. was that ace, first, feature the ability to become intimate with the machine, to feel it as if a living being. Only if there is the possibility of the designated pilot may be cited as such. Curiously, the same thing he felt, and when flying on board Soyuz-3. He is also preparing to travel gallakticheskomu, tried to make contact with this great machine. The memoirs of the Coast notes that get used in the ship's control is m
uch more difficult because there is no ability to feel it in the dynamics — the ship is no phase control on the runway.

George Shore, "I - the pilot.  Man profession " Astronaut described the process of docking and explained to cause trouble. He tried to get close to the unmanned Soyuz-2, focusing on the flashing lights, but at a distance of 30 meters to realize that the ship should be turned. Astronaut decided to rectify the situation. Just one random error caused due to bad coordination of the adaptation period, resulted in the inability of the forthcoming convergence. Time was lost, and the fuel is consumed, because the subsequent maneuvers become unsafe. In the words of an astronaut, his condition was normal, but the mood was spoiled. Despite the failed attempt to dock, the Coastal flight was still heroic, recognized this and Russian control.

Since 1972, T. Zhora became the head of the Gagarin Center, which specializes in the preparation of the latest generation of astronauts. After 9 years of hard work, he retired with the rank of lieutenant general. During the period of his own work as the head of the Center Coast defended his PhD thesis at the Institute of Physical Culture Lesgaft and received a degree in mental science.

Enterprising and energetic disposition did not allow the pilot and astronaut to live in idleness. He has received numerous awards for his mental and social activities, was a member of the Supreme Council for eight years, took part in the initiative. In addition, the Coast was a prominent citizen of cities at once 3 states of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The hero died on June 30 in 1995, when an operation on the heart in Moscow. He was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery, plot number 11. Bright his memory to the present day or is a binding link between Ukraine and Russia.

During his glorious life astronaut-soldier awarded the title of Hero of the half, was also awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Bogdan Khmelnitsky 3 degrees, Alexander Nevsky, of the Red Star, the Russian war, and still plenty of awards, medals, titles, valuable gifts and helpful. On the breast of this stately man had cut a wide swath 28 awards and 11 commemorative medals, among whom were foreign.

Not so long ago in the Ukraine was magnificently marked the 90th anniversary of the Hero. In Yenakievo father and son came to Volkov, the current president, and even Alexei Leonov. The school in which he studied twice Hero, named its naming, and in the town created a real museum Shore. In the collection you can behold the photo gallakticheskie tools and stuff astronaut. In honor ZHoru Kalashnikov on the ground flying club built the Temple ZHoru Victorious.

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