Judge: The people grew politicians

May 26 Movement "For Freedom" presented "the People program." The authors of the initiative believe that the creators of the program should not become narrow specialists, and society itself.

Deputy Chairman of the Movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich says that "The People's Program" will be created in a fundamentally different way than the previous documents of this kind. Its creators do not have to become narrow specialists, and — society itself:
"We elect a slightly different way — writing a program from the bottom, the bottom and the assessment of its information from a prepared text, ready-made proposals already on the expert level."

Contacts are made with people over the internet, on a special website www.prahrama.by. The second site — round tables with people knowledgeable in specific topics. Political scientist Alexander Egorov says that the choice, the experts focused on two points. The first — the relevance and importance for Belarus:
"Secondly, the themes that would affect some essential things for people who would like to discuss this topic, participate in discussions, and in a certain way such a topic would be provocative. That is why we have identified 18 themes that seemed to us to be important: the geopolitical block, social issues, the unit of institutional reforms. "

We have identified 18 themes that seemed to us to be important: the geopolitical block, social issues, the unit of institutional reforms

A variety of topics: the construction of nuclear power plants, private ownership of land, reducing the number of officials, and medicine.
The result of the "People of the program" should be a document that could be used by all members of the political life in Belarus, says analyst Denis Melyantsou:

"Based on all this accumulated in discussions online and invizible, to form such a popular program, gather all of the most basic, the most interesting ideas in a single document, which would be positive, which would be sent and an expert, and the public a vision of how way to develop the country. And this final product as the "People's Program" is free and open to the use of any political forces. "
As a result of these discussions could be used? Political scientist Yuri Chausov explains:

"There must be a lot of attention on the part of politicians to this discussion platform, because we now have a serious business, economic, financial crisis. It seems to me that the Belarusian policy will move away from the ideological postulates lozungOvy toward politics, which is focused on the defense of the interests of certain social groups and classes. And just for this kind of discussion sites contents of the public interest will be displayed. "

Belarusian policy will move away from the ideological postulates towards policies aimed at protecting the interests of certain social groups

According to the economist Sergei Chaly, people have already outgrown the politicians, and the "People's Program" will be created with exactly the people and for the people:
"This is an attempt to answer the questions that people are interested. Because in recent months that the interested people, no political force did not say anything, including with the government, which now says nothing at all about what people are most interested."

Political scientist Vaclav Oreshko gave this assessment of the new initiative:
"On the one hand, well, that opposition began to speak to the people. This is a very important process, because we have always somehow the opposition was on his way, and if the people talking, it turned out that the people and it's not very interesting happened. A then complain that something does not come out the dialogue. This, of course, talking about the important processes taking place in society. Indeed, the opposition is not supported by the people — it's pretty funny, something we often see. On the other hand, knowing the team, which met today, I have a certain skepticism to the fact that people will take an active part in the "People" page.

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