June 1 in Belarus increased by 13.7% pension

Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on May 26 № 215 "On increasing pensions." Decree provides 1 chervenya 2011 to recalculate pensions based on the average wage of workers in the I quarter of 2011.

Last recalculation of pensions was carried out in November 2010.

At the same time in order to provide additional support to recipients of minimum pensions June 1, 2011 to increase the surcharge to provide such pensions from 15% to 20%.

Given the increase in co-pay pensions will rise by an average of 13.7% (80.5 thousand) to 669.8 thousand rubles.

"In general, the implementation of measures of social support retirees will need 201.7 billion (year-end — 1,411.9 billion rubles). Fund of Social Protection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security has the necessary tools to do this", — the report says.

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