K.Bulanava: I am proud that the cell was the son of man

"We have two rods and hold on, because if one breaks, and another will be difficult" — so said to his son before the court of Claudius Bulanava. After 3 years of prison sentence Dmitri Bulanov mothers are most concerned about the health of her son.

Bulanava: We thought that there will be some changes that will allow our children to get the other sentences. We expected that there will be some new ideas that will allow us to embrace children. Unfortunately, this did not happen. What I saw at the meeting — a meaningless language of the judge, who read to himself, said that the judge has lost his voice. Like, at first there were problems with the pressure now with voice. The fact that the son was given 3 years and was told that there was no supratspakazannyav — it says that they hide what they did to him when they took him out of the house, chilled and caused repeated severe rheumatoid attack. Next — Roulette: 50 to 50 may be an exacerbation of the disease and its diagnosis — endocarditis — the mortality rate is 21-50%. It is in good clinics.

Sous: As Dmitry took the verdict?

Bulanava: We only had time to peraglyanutstsa. Perceived normally, he waited for it, and in a letter he wrote to me, that obviously will 3-3.5 years. After all, no one cared what he said no lawyer, nor what he was saying. They walked under the general scheme, and came to this.

Sous: And that could affect the power to your son released?

Bulanava: Here everything must change — then the law will work fine and everything else.

Sous: Neither you nor your son never had to do with politics. How does your relationship now?

Bulanava: Completely changed! I vtsyagvayusya in the things which never had and did not even want to have a relationship because they always believed that political things are done is not always fair. And now it has touched us, and I could not help too vtsyagvayusya into it, and I understand that there must necessarily be pulled to get his son out of this situation.

Sous: Who supports you in this situation?

Bulanava: My friends, with whom I am friends since high school, and Dima is a girl, which also supports both him and me. A sister, niece — my family, I also met a mother whose sons in the same situation, and we are closer to them than their relatives. And when I wrote a petition for his son, he was signed by about 70 people from our surroundings, which requested that the trial was fair. Unfortunately, no one listened to them either, nor to me.

Sous: That there was now an opportunity to Dmitry hear you, what would you say to him?

Bulanava: I wrote to him about it. I said, "Son, I feel proud of you, that the cell in which you locked up like an animal, you remained a man."

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