Kalinkavichy: rejected all the signatures and Rymasheusky Tereshchenko

Today Kalinkovichi district commission on presidential elections declared null and void all signatures collected in the area of Vital Rymasheuski and Victor Tereshchenko.

Present at the meeting of the committee Observer Denis Rabenok said:

"It struck me that the commission had a lot of complaints from voters who say they would not signed up for Rymasheusky and Tereshchenko. Example, for Viktor Tereshchenko initiative group has filed a district commission 422 signatures. Initially commission checked 84 signatures, or 20 percent. 82 signatures invalidated. Additionally checked another 63 signatures — and they are invalid. therefore reject the Commission all the signatures for Tereshchenko. "

According to the observer, for Vitali Rymasheuski members of his initiative group filed a Election Commission Signature 652. As a result, primary and secondary checks 228 signatures invalid. This has led the Commission to reject the signatures for all Rymasheuski.

Checked district commission and filed signatures for Alexander Lukashenko. "Null and void is not revealed," — stated the commission.

Of verified signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva Kalinkovichi district commission recognized only 7 invalid. Therefore, the asset is written down his all the rest Kalinkovichsky 647 signatures of voters.


signature Tereshchenko Rymashevski

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