Kidnappings: Scottish trail

November 29, 2012 1:00

Brilliant disc hovered over the road ...

Stories about abduction — kidnapping earthlings aliens from other worlds — we know a lot. Some clearly resemble fairy tales for adults, others are supported by compelling arguments and hard facts. How to categorize this case, the reader to judge.

Meeting with mysterious object

It was in Scotland. Evening, August 17, 1992 two friends, Harry Wood and Colin Wright, drove by car from Edinburgh to Tarbraks village nearby. Car led Harry. About eight o'clock, Colin, who was sitting next to Harry, said in front, about forty meters, sparkling disc hanging in the sky at a height of about six meters above the road.

 This clearly was a UFO. But the men did not stop. They decided to pass under this "devil's pot." Object and in fact resembled a vessel, or rather two: it was as if the two connected edges of huge plates — with a diameter of ten meters. He hovered in the air. Around was complete silence.

That's snowflakes!

When the car was directly under a UFO from his bottom with a loud rustling fell down, glittering silvery light flakes like snowflakes. As soon as they reached the car, the two men sitting in it enveloped the complete darkness. They stopped to see the instrument panel, each other and even a present to face their own hands.
Later, as it seemed to them only a few seconds seeing them come back. At the same time, they feel that the car is moving strongly swaying and bouncing as if he just slumped on the road. However, shaking almost immediately stopped, and Harry, adding gas, drove the car on to the village, where lived his friends, wife Catherine and Ian.
Katherine met the two friends did not feel welcome. "Where the hell were you all this time?" — She asked angrily. It turned out that Harry and Colin arrived a half hour later than the appointed time. With that, the entire trip from the city to the house of friends never took more than 35 minutes, now they have spent on it is almost four times as long.
Then Harry and Colin began vying to tell your friends about your road adventure.

Bizarre dreams

Over the next few nights, Harry and Colin saw strange dreams in which they were gray dwarfs. Then the two friends found on their bodies fresh scars.
Almost two years they lived in anxiety and doubt about whether to try to understand what happened on that August night, or should try to forget everything. Eventually they turned to for advice and help from Malcolm Robinson, founder and head of the "Society of the researchers of strange phenomena." After a lengthy conversation with the "injured" Malcolm offered his friends undergo the procedure regressive hypnosis.
During the first session, held in the summer of 1994, began to turn the typical scenario of abduction by aliens humans.

Familiarity with enlonavtami

As it turned out, the kidnappers isolated Harry and Colin from each other, placing each in a cold room. Aliens, which they saw were of several types. Around them were busy enlonavty height not exceeding 1.2 meters. Their gray faces under large, blue-black almond-shaped eyes were slits, like fish gills. But were there and very tall gray humanoid growth of 2-2.5 meters, with the absurdly long necks and wrinkled faces, as well as being of the same height, with gray, but also with a dark and wrinkled faces.

Frozen in the cylinders

During another hypnotic session, which occurred October 17, 1994, Colin remembered his naked placed inside a transparent cylinder with height of about four meters. The cylinder was in a large room where there were a dozen more of the same. Inside each was visible silhouette naked man.
Suddenly, from under the floor near the cylinder, where the Colin appeared a subject that began to rotate, and the cylinder began frost up quickly.
Colin shouted from his eyes welled with tears. The subject stopped spinning and disappeared, and the cylinder wall thawed. But Colin was completely immobilized. He could not move his arm or leg, but his eyes retained the ability to move.

On the bench

Inside the translucent cylinders were people

And Harry Wood saw myself lying naked on a plateau in the middle of a large room. Almost immediately below appeared and hovered next to Harry silver object resembling a large round tin. In another moment of "cans" poked out and kind of went up the hose with a small "petals" on the end. On the petal lit two red lights, reminiscent of LEDs, and he began to move slowly around Harry's head. In this petal began to increase in size and soon became a sort of lenticular screen oval.
Then Harry saw on the floor next to the table there was a puddle of liquid, like a shaving gel. She began to rise and bubble formed above it cap of foam. From this foam appeared undersized gray creature.
With soaring above the table screen changes began to occur. I heard a sound like the quiet rumbling engine, and he came close to Harry's head. It seemed that the creature has taken control of the instrument itself.
Harry realized that he could not move, but his eyes kept mobility. And here in sight of Harry got shrunken and translucent gray hand with unnaturally long fingers, which fell on his chest because of the head.

Looking down, Harry saw two more "gray" are at his feet.

One of them is holding an object like a diamond shaped mirror in which one pulsating orange light, and the subject moves along the body of Harry. Then he glanced to the left, and the field of view was a nude woman sitting back to him on the floor, knees pulled up to his chin and wrapped her arms around his legs — apparently trying though so cover their nakedness. She shivered and quietly sobbing. When she turned her head slowly toward Harry, he saw that her cheeks tears flow. Then the woman as slowly turned to the wall. None of them said a word.

Land for them — shelter

Harry suddenly realized that in his mind, as if by themselves, are beginning to have words. Eventually they became a phrase that he uttered no sound:

— Why are you doing this to me?

In my mind it immediately sounded the answer:

— Refuge. Our lives are constructed in the same way as yours — on this telepathic conversation ended.

Subsequently, Harry Wood and Colin Wright repeatedly discussed with Malcolm Robinson details, possible causes and consequences of their abduction by extraterrestrial beings. They tried to make sense of those words that telepathically took Harry, lying on a table in the laboratory enlonavtov. And in the end, all three have come to that conclusion.

Occurring for many years, humans crews UFO abduction accounts for their attempts to get the genetic material to restore and maintain the viability of the endangered population of their own planet (or planets). That such abduction and examination of the kidnapped people sometimes end dramatic and even tragic — happens not by their ill-will, but because of fundamental (and so far little studied them, and we did, and unknown), and differences in our anatomy, physiology and environment habitat.

It is possible and that they are considering a relocation to the Earth. Only here in what capacity — immigrants or conquerors? Do not wait genocide earthlings?

In any case, today, one thing is clear: we need them. They study us. And we have them — no …

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