Let us rejoice in the victory of elegant toothless

Our listeners speak out about the tragedy in Pinsk, and concluded that the accident "Pinskdrev" — is not accidental. That's one of the stories about the security at other wood processing enterprises.

Safety is almost at zero. Nobody really cares …

"I want to speak on the tragedy that occurred on" Pinskdrev. "I was not at all surprised that this happened. Vitebsk Region, one of the regional centers, there is a wood processing company, where I worked as a familiar person, some still working. Well, I asked: what are your working conditions? And they said, no conditions. Safety nearly zero. Nobody really cares.

So, no one checks anything? — I asked. — Check. — And how is it done? — Well, says the people who arranged without the work book when arriving or checking out the executive committee of the services, go home for half a day or a day. So and how do they know, I ask? How? Executive Committee of the call and say they are going such and such tests. Working conditions are just horrible. Think about it, folks. But such facilities throughout Belarus. All bribe, hand washes, and therefore such results. "

Our listener from Minsk, who identified herself as Nina, asked a question:

"I know that my call goes unanswered. But tell me, who among opposition politicians rushed to Pinsk to those who remained alone with my problem?"

The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevih today went to Pinsk. He is also the only one of the politicians who addressed the leader of the country, that he declared mourning for the victims of the tragedy.


"I believe that the moral duty of the authorities — to declare mourning because in Pinsk, as if nothing had happened.'re Coming concerts are entertainment programs on local television. Mourning in the country, according to the law, can only declare the supreme power. Today I turned to Alexander Lukashenko and I believe that it is his duty.

We must nurture an atmosphere of compassion, kindness, love, and not just deal with the economy and be a guarantor.

To live together with people. I believe that as a head should be there and meet with the families.

I personally as a community leader, as a politician, I leave there today and I will lay flowers. Make a donation and meet people Pinsk, to provide moral support in such a difficult, tragic time for their families. "

Statements Alexander Lukashenko on the prospects of the country in Brest caused a lot of calls. The basic amount of them — from pensioners

"Pensions are increased. And who came up with such an increase? Inflation eats not only increase, but all pensions.

From the people only hear what the president should put on trial along with his henchmen Yarmoshina that make electoral fraud during the vote count. And how only brought the village! You know, we have to Kopylschine in villages within a radius of 20 kilometers you will not see a single man. If zavalyashchy where there is, then it spivsya. And there is nothing to plow their four miserable women weave. The village came to the brink of destruction, and no one is not paying attention.

A radio — we do not know how to get rid of it and how to turn it off, this first channel. It's some insanity, not the radio. "

By the way, about the radio call our permanent Vladimir Gajdukevich listener:

"Thank RL that this week honored my request and verse on how to cut off my radio. Officials hear your show, and the next day about 11 hours came to Monterey, which I cut a radio receiving station."

Former deputy chairman Valery Kostka BHC now lives in a village Smolevichy. Commenting on the listener call, he called the main cause of death of the Belarusian village of government policy towards the peasantry.

Valery Kostka

"Symbols of — it's good, but it's working for the village. And it is necessary to turn to the peasant, to man, to his working conditions. This should have been done 10 years ago. At the village will soon be nobody left at all. Look, summer is somehow children and grandchildren come to visit, since half of the village today — it's summer visitors.

And in the winter, it happens, the roads are not cleaned, the neighbor to neighbor does not go for a visit. Although the neighbor to neighbor, for men is almost gone. Paths — only to stall and a toilet. So they live 4-5 months.

Therefore, the revival of the village begins with a man. Not out of houses and equipment, and person. This is where a mistake was made. "

We offer you a call Nina Getmanchuk listener:

"Right now all about choices, it's understandable. I signed up for 5 persons, other subscribers have not seen. But today, I'm not about elections. Want to say simple words about a very simple thing. Today, October 31, on Sunday, great weather in Brest. Nearby rynachak where you can meet a lot of friends retirees. Met ten people like me, under 80 and younger.

Everyone was laughing with his toothless mouth, which in some places sticking chronic hemp. I am the same. And everything became clear. It took four years, as canceled free dentures, all deteriorated, and there is no new money. And I have not. Rising prices, especially for drugs. It remains only to what foods. So Lukashenka's electorate will rejoice elegant victory toothless mouth. "

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