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Jews have long time to understand that they have chosen not for world domination, but only to their own hands to do all the dirty work for the destruction of humans, seizure of power and transfer it over to the owners. These are two very different things …

The top of the slaves of social parasites, still held sway in the world, has never regretted his prozombirovannyh servants of the Jews, in the struggle for world power. Today Zionism is actively preparing the next bloodletting "chosen people" — the conditions for the outbreak of war between Israel and the Muslim world in the Middle East. About the impending war quite lucidly Nikolai Starikov said in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Some key moments in world history Starikov deliberately ignores, and even Zionists some reason the Anglo-Saxons, but this deficiency we have corrected in the comments.

Who benefits from an independent Palestine?

Debts and ambitions.

— Nicholas, a few months ago in an interview on events in North Africa and the Middle East, you have predicted many of the processes that occur in the region now. Which — aggravation of the situation around Israel.
Especially interesting to hear your views on the situation in that region.

— So, what we talked about in the pages of "KP" on radio and "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a few months ago, becoming more and more tangible and visible.
What happened is this. The financial model of human development, imposed on the world by brute force the U.S. and its allies, has exhausted itself. 20 years ago, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we were promised a "golden age of humanity." We were told that all the troubles of the twentieth century in the world were to blame for the Russian Communists. But the Communists in power is not, and the war continues. As hunger, and disease. So, not the fault of the USSR, and guilty of the world's bankers that brought the planet into a financial dead end. As an astronomical debt of all the "developed countries". Its value is that the whole world is no longer able to buy U.S. debt. There simply is not a purely mathematical possibilities. So much money is not the whole world. But cease buying U.S. debt the world lead to the collapse of the pyramid. Himself at too long to buy their debt as possible. Out of this impasse in the U.S. see the unleashing of a new war, against which their problems seem small things.

How to pass the Promised Land.

— So, why it suddenly decided to put the Palestine issue of recognition?

— Why did the Palestinians have decided that today they have more chances to create an independent state? Did they before? Sure. Could it happen before? No. Without the consent of the U.S., such questions can not be solved. But Israel, which has suffered from the recognition of Palestine — a loyal ally of the U.S., a stronghold of U.S. influence in the oil-rich Middle East. Therefore, before trying to put out all the States of the Palestinians for recognition. Suddenly, the U.S. talk about the need to return Israel to its 1967 borders. Why? It is, in fact, putting an ally who can not be security without losing a part of their territory. Today rockets "Qassam" of Palestinian militants did not cover the whole territory of Israel. Move abroad — and lay a whole. I'm not talking about the loss of infrastructure and fortifications built on the borders of Israel.

— Why America lost interest in Israel?

— The reason for the "cooling" is simple. America needs a war. This war should start in the Middle East to continue to broadcast the instability boundaries of geopolitical rivals States: China, Russia and Europe. But it is necessary for the war arsonist, want someone who wants to fight. As for the beginning of the World, Britain and the U.S. have led to power in Germany, Hitler. He wanted to fight Russia. And that could — he handed over Austria, Czechoslovakia, and then Poland. Gave huge loans helped rearm. And the Nazis surrendered millions of Jews. After all, the United States and other countries refused to accept poor persecuted people from Germany. They were not given a visa, did not allow to come. This pathetic Erich Maria Remarque wrote in his books. Today, history repeats itself. In the mid-twentieth century, the Anglo-Saxons for the sake of war, after which the dollar has become a major reserve currency, surrendered to Hitler's European allies, and turned a blind eye to all the Nazi atrocities. Today, the striking force of the new war, the Americans and the British are doing Islamic fundamentalism. This is their new "collective Hitler." Hence their direct aid "Muslim Brotherhood" to change the secular regimes in the Islamic countries of the region in a series.

— What will happen to Israel? You are in our previous discussions have assumed that no war will not do. When can this happen?

— Predict the start date or the course of future wars can only fortunetellers or employees of the General Staff. Simply align the facts. USA once, "suddenly", passed and did not help to overcome the demonstrators whole deck of his friends and partners, and to faithfully serve them. In order to be replaced by different forms of "al-Qaeda"? Who should be dearer to the U.S. in Libya: strange, but rukopozhatny Gadhafi Islamic radicals or extremist? Why the U.S. does not tolerate and pulls Turkey, which rein to Israel and behaved towards him like never before?

— Recently spoke with simple Israelis came from the USSR. They're scared: their new home, the promised land, and so was troubled, and now they feel on a powder keg. What can be done in this political situation, ordinary people, to calm the situation?

— Ordinary people in Israel today can not do anything. But the leadership of Israel is obliged to take all measures to make even in direct betrayal by Washington and London to try to save their country. Both managers and ordinary citizens of Israel should be thoroughly learned his lesson, who is trying to once again substitute a blow, solving their immediate task of preserving world domination.

Chance of Iran.

— How will behave in this new situation in Iran, which has long been an enraged U.S.?

— Iran is trying to ride the wave, which caused the U.S.. Islamic radicalism, with U.S. support would come to power in many countries. Why not try to lead the Islamic movement in the region? So think in Tehran. Why not use the power of the enemy to their advantage? And I must say that some cause for optimism is the Iranians. Because in 1979, during the Islamic Revolution, they were able to beat Washington. The fact is that the unrest in Iran were then organized and paid for … by the Americans themselves. Who wanted to "move" the Shah, but in the end turned out to move themselves. That is why the U.S. is so hated Iran. Think about it — to make money for American Revolution and then drive "sponsor" won. Agree, there is something to be offended.

— Events in Libya, in your opinion, have demonstrated the weakness or strength of the West? Gaddafi, the West is still banished?

— Of course, the weakness. And not only the weakness of the military, but also political. NATO air did about 30,000 sorties. Approximately one for every soldier Libyan army. And where is the result? Yes, Tripoli took. But only by the British and French special forces commandos. No victory. But the solidity of the West split — Germany States is not supported. And so what about the reputational damage. Went to war with obviously weak compared with NATO opponent and for six months could not defeat him.

Somalizatsiya Libya.

— What will happen in Libya after Gaddafi?

— Libya expects "somalizatsiya." Country could break apart. There are in fact lots of tribes, and they themselves without Gadhafi not feel one people. But the staff in Libya need a base for "Al-Qaeda." Where fundamentalism, terrorism and chaos raspolzutsya throughout the region. Also, you need a platform for the delivery of weapons for war with Israel.

— Where is Gaddafi? All, it is his end?

— Time will tell. The task of the West — its physical elimination. As long as he's alive, you can not be sure of anything. It can, like Napoleon, still play his "Hundred Days." And back. And most importantly, why Washington needs his corpse: Gaddafi is still alive, you can not come to grips with Syria to bring radicals to power there. And then they will require from Tel Aviv to return the Syrian Golan Heights, occupied by Israel. But he did not return. Least because at that altitude drinking water sources that supply a good third of Israel.

— What to expect in Syria? Having finished with Gaddafi, NATO will go with "democracy" there?

— Syria firm hand strangled first stage mutiny. Now Assad is trying to negotiate with the West and the opposition. If he really does — that Syria is doomed. But I still hope that Assad knows that the West can not agree. As well as a puppet of the West. That on orders from London and Washington to create all sorts of alternative government and the Transitional Council. Syria will stand only if the hot iron will burn all attempts to blow up the situation. Syrian journalist interviewed me. I told them and said: use the experience of Russia in Revolution 1905 — 1907 period. Enter the military courts. After all, the only way Stolypin strangled paid from abroad, "Russian Revolution."

Beat Washington.

— What kind of a threat to Russia are all these events? It seems everything is too far away or do we have to fear the threat?

— Chaos and radicalism, born in the Middle East, and pumped muscles in Israel, to move on. Even today, it is clear — where. After a couple of years, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Who comes there? Taliban and other radicals. Where do they go next? Make Islamic revolution in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Set fire to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. This is a direct threat to the security of Russia and China. States that need. What they are doing today — multi-optional. And it will inevitably come to us, if we do not do anything. We must do everything to frustrate Washington. They want a war at any cost. Hence, we need peace. They want to finish off Gaddafi to Syria to do — then you need to secretly help Muammar and block any attempts resolutions on Syria. Need to put aside all the BS. The bell rings and we — if we listen to the sweet songs of the Anglo-Saxon freedom and justice. "

Comment: We have a good understanding and hard to remember that there is no terrorism itself can not exist in principle. To rob, terrorists need clothes, food, shelter, weapons, instructors, vehicles, documents and more. And we need to not catch them quickly. As many probably guess, this is possible only with government support terrorism in many countries.

Alex Kulagin, October 6, 2011


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