Lindner: we have a new era of relations

Nov. 3 open in Minsk Belarusian-German meeting "Minsk Forum" on "Belarus and the EU after the Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities in the fields of politics, economy and society." At the opening of this celebration today Counsellor of the German Embassy, Peter Dettmar, and chairman of the "Minsk Forum» Dr. Rainer Lindner, held a press conference.

It is expected that the opening of the "Minsk Forum" to be the head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Vladimir Mackay. Also take part in the opening of the head office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, the Federal Minister for Special Assignments Ronald Pofalla. During his brief visit to Minsk, he will also meet with representatives of the opposition, civil society and the presidential candidates. Lindner noted that German Chancellor supported the participation of Mr. Pofalla in "Minsk Forum":

"It really means that he would come not only a minister during the this week in Belarus. Today it is the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Minsk. We are in a new stage in the new period of relations. And I hope this is just the beginning of further cooperation. "

Lindner noted that the current, 13th account "Minsk Forum" comes on the eve of the presidential election, and "this is a good opportunity to discuss the tense issues of political, economic and social nature. Including representatives of the political space and the presidential candidates. "

According to Lindner, "Belarus is in a situation of economic re-orientation", and the forum will cover issues related to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Also, one of the questions that the participants will discuss the "Minsk Forum" — "not very easy relations between Belarus and Russia, as well as relations between Belarus and the European Union." Lindner noted I wanted to to hear from the Belarusian side evaluation of these relationships in including "Progress and results of the EU" Eastern Partnership "."


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