Listapad 2010: political-ideological flavor

5 November in Minsk opens the 17th film festival "Listopad". Despite the rainy weather, the organizers are still hoping to give the triumph European entourage — Run participants and guests at the opening ceremony at the Palace of the Republic on the red carpet. Meanwhile, experts speculate about whether only the cultural mission of the festival is on the eve of an important political event — the presidential election.

The festival "Listopad" against a background of worsening of the Belarusian-Russian relations — and it's impact on the organization of the celebration. First Russian troops in Minsk so humble, and in opposition to the Kremlin invited Georgian Star — Nani Bregvadze and Vakhtang Kikabidze. The latter, incidentally, has publicly rejected the Russian Order of Friendship, saying that these "friends" are not necessary. In addition, the claimed presence of other iconic people — Serbian filmmaker and musician Emir Kusturica, Italian actress Ornella Muti, People's Artist of Ukraine Bogdan Stupka. A professional jury headed by eminent Lithuanian director Sarunas Bartas. Exterior changes evaluates film critic Alla Bobkov:

"I'll tell you one thing that is obvious, but you still need to emphasize. This festival — not only cultural event, but also a political and ideological.

This festival — not only cultural event, but also a political and ideological.

First, participation and Bregvadze Kikabidze — it is clear to whom and why it is done in defiance. I think and I think that the way it is, although it can not be proved. Second, there would always gather a lot of countries, to show that we are not isolated. And this year, this factor is, as you know, is even more significant. And therefore opted for the "mobilization": Kusturica was going to be, probably, at the closing ceremony, Ornella Muti has come now, Kikabidze already arrived. "

Today, at the opening of "stapadu-2010" will take a symbolic transfer of power. After 16 years at the head of the organizing committee of the festival People's Artist of the USSR Rostislav Yankovsky give way to Gennady Davydko — former head of the Yanka Kupala Theatre, now the deputy of the House of Representatives. Says he was stepping down "with a bright sadness", but going through that, and this time at the film festival Belarus may be left without the main prize. Patriotic drama "The Brest Fortress" will be shown out of competition, and in the domestic thriller "Masakra" he does not believe:

"The Brest Fortress" does not participate in the competition, it just shows. As for the other films, it is difficult to predict anything, the jury will decide everything. There will be strict jury, however, I do not even know that the director, but they say that it is a famous Lithuanian director working in France, it's just been invited. We will see how he is part of the jury. The workload is very large, and I always respect the decisions and the work of the jury. Let's see, as much depends on the level. For example, last year the level of the paintings was so high that even the chairman of the jury said, you know, it is even higher than at the Moscow Festival. And if any of our directors said, they say, Rostislav, well, where we reach for the films that have won some kind of award at Cannes or somewhere else — then I said, what do you want — to reduce the level of your level? This is ridiculous! Tsyagnitsesya, do, put good pictures! It is an art, what else? "

And yet, can we say that the status of the Minsk Film Festival gradually increased, moving from level to mestachkovastsi Europeanness? Film critic Alla Bobkov said that some of the manifestations of civilization really is — especially with respect to changes in the assessment of film credits:

"The most important thing that has been done this year — abolished the prizes on behalf of the audience. Why is this correct? In all countries there are professional jury. We, too, in the previous cinematic celebration was a professional jury, but it was not major. The main jury believed the viewer. What does this mean in our circumstances? Almost every year on the results of the audience voting Belarusian film — and it's mostly been bad films — get the second or third prize … "

On the "Cat" and the 12-hour lead pupils and instructed how to vote.

Reporter: "Probably just illustrative example of the film" On the back of a black cat ", where one of the main roles performed Lukashenko granddaughter …"

"Yes. On the "Cat" and the 12-hour lead pupils and instructed how to vote. They voted. In addition, 300 tickets handed out for free to students, and they also had a briefing — say, to put tens or nines. And then I looked on the Internet, where the entire range — from 10 to 1. So, "10" has put a woman who wrote: put ten because the movie is not about the war. These facts showed that it was, as they say, under the supervision and done "wrong." It is therefore right that now everyone will be watching the professional jury. And I think that there will not be any additions. "

Belarus for "November" will be the first mystery novel, which this year has left the assembly line "Belarusfilm." Directed by "Masakra" Andrew Kudinenko has long been banned from shooting capacity of the national film studio, but in a "liberalization" was able to "connect" to "Belarusfilm" European-bear with werewolf legends of Ancient. Will apply tape to the appreciation of the jury — especially in view of the impossibility of spectator 'fiddling'? Bobkov said Alla:

"Yes, I am on the side of Andrew Kudinenko, Kananovich and everyone returned to the" BelarusFilm. " This is definitely a good fact. As for the movie, "Masakra," I see that Kudinenko, wedges — they look at Belarus's not like our "billboards" posters — a visor uncle makes straw products. They look at Belarus, the Belarusian history from the bottom. But the problem is that Kudinenko lack experience. He did a good, interesting band, but a lot of confusion out there. Not enough money, I see a lot more. But I repeat: Andrew has not experienced. He wanted it very much to say about our history, but need a jewelry approach to all these subtexts make clear, the organic film to drama. But if you are still in the studio simply did not admit, it will be taken from this experience? "



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