Local authorities are in principle not want to work together with the opposition

3rd of November — the last day of the formation of precinct election commissions. It is in these committees is the direct counting of the ballots. And everyone knows how important it is for candidates to have their representatives to election commissions.

Opposition political parties have together put in the district commissions 1,073 representatives. The leader here was the United Civic Party — 505 people. Among the best party of the Left as "Fair World" (283 nominees) and BPF (201). If we consider that all registered parties nominated in the country 2281 representative, the share of the opposition for nearly half of all the candidates.

They will also appointees of democratic civil society organizations, as well as those who were nominated through the collection of signatures. But it appears that in contrast to the nomination of their party will be a little bit. As the Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidiya Yarmoshyna, among NGOs most active were those supporting the current government:

"Emphasis on public associations — 29969 people. And in first place, as usual, are the trade unions — 10072 people. On the second place — the association" Belaya Rus "(4311), and the third — the Belarusian Union of Women (4237 people)."

However, the nomination — only a beginning. And it continued — the inclusion of opposition nominees to the commissions. If you have formed a territorial election commission, it became clear — the opposition to them less than 1%. Reporters asked Lydia Yarmoshina, how to make a picture was not and after the formation of election commissions.

CEC Chairman explained that the election commissions formed by local authorities. And they say, fundamentally do not want to work with the opposition:

"First of all, preference will be given to those who can work in a team and the team. Basic trouble of opposition political parties in the fact that these people are not commanding. They are always running out, they can not exist in the team. And this causes problems for the formation and functioning of any group. "

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party "Fair World" Elena Skrigan commented on our radio this statement Lidia Yarmoshyna:

"It's not because of those teams that have make elections free and fair, and the commands that are focused on one thing, to win at any cost was the candidate who supports and Mrs. Yarmoshina in their speeches. This — Alexander Lukashenko. And so the teams are thus, that they were the only people who really do not get out. the head of this team is the head of the organization, and under his leadership are his subordinates. And the fact that the leader says, the team performs.

And if there will get an opposition, it does not depend on such a leader. And he no commands will not perform. He will pursue a policy of ensuring that elections were fair and just. Such people do not like our government. Such people do not like and Mrs. Yarmoshina. Well, all of this and it depends. And the nature of our choices depend on what they do not commission a team. "

According to some data, in the 6346 election commissions were nominated 84024 applicants.


Yarmoshina CEC

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