Lukashenka: for independence still have to fight

Lukashenka: for independence still have to fight

Belarus was subject to external political and economic pressure. This was announced today at a meeting dedicated to the Day of Independence, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA has learned.

Addressing the participants of the solemn assembly, Alexander Lukashenko noted that during the years of independence the Belarusian people have realized that the real, not a decorative independence is very expensive and it is necessary for it to pay a lot. "Obviously, we are ready for it, — he said. — Much has been willing to put the Belarusians to their knees, to impose their will, to deprive us of the land, names and even the right to life. But I always get up on their way to power, whose name — Belarusian character, cast of precious alloy of courage, love, patriotism and strong commitment to sacrifice everything in the name of freedom. "

As the head of state, Belarus deservedly became one of the founders of the full Council. "Saving the planet from the brown plague, our soldiers-liberators, along with members of the anti-Hitler coalition believed that they are paving the way to a new, just and equitable world necessarily. Their hopes were not realized. Belarus, which has made an enormous contribution to the liberation of Europe from Nazi slavery, today was the object of the external political and economic pressure ", — said the Belarusian leader.

"I always ask of any politicians who live outside of Belarus in certain countries with which we have been on opposite sides in those dashing forties, I want one of them — respect the fact that the Belarusians did, putting a third of its population on the altar victory in the struggle against Nazism. I always tell them, before we teach some democracy, you, please pay us for those suffered by the people of Belarus for the liberation of the world from the brown plague ", — said the head of state.

However, he noted that the situation is not tragic, "We are not a bomb, like other countries, but we are the" bomb "in other ways — sanctions and threats."

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the special assistance of the Belarusian people should not wait and hope only for themselves. "If you stand — Belarus will develop and flourish. No — will be on the political margins, and with us no one will be ", — the head of state.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that Belarus for independence still have to fight. This he said at the meeting devoted to the Independence Day.

"For our independence we still have to fight. Cheap who would not get ", — said Alexander Lukashenko, citing the example of an event that took place in the vast Soviet Union disintegrated, when the new state is born out of the blood, tears, and civil wars.

"Thank God, we managed to build a truly independent Belarus without a war, and that our happiness and greatest achievement — the Belarusian leader said. — But now we are being attacked and tested for hardness. For some, we hate the fact that not march in the overall system and not danced at Brussels tune. For others, we — inconvenient example that hurts. We have not plundered the country, there is no gap between the caller and the luxury of some glaring poverty of others. Some people hate it that we have not sold or bought state positions and billions of people's money do not go to the offshore. "

Speaking about the situation in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko noted that sometimes reflects on whether it is a peak in the struggle for an independent and sovereign land, and this is another attempt to put Belarus on the knees. "I think that, unfortunately, this is not the peak. Once again, trying to put on his knees. Do not do it! Others we do not, and this, too, someone does not like much ", — said the Belarusian leader.

He also noted that Belarus is in the center of Europe, and it is therefore necessary to look at the situation more clearly. "I think that smart people should take care of this center, because, God forbid, there polyhnet, ill be all — and the Germans and the French, and Russian … But to understand this simple truth does not want to", — the head of state.

"Call to action for our enemies have certain problems that have arisen in our financial and economic sphere. Some figures (both in Belarus and abroad), due to a misunderstanding call themselves politicians so enthusiastically relished the difficulties encountered, if they themselves had a hand in the creation of these complexities. Take it easy! You can not catch in the murky waters coveted goldfish, let alone bring us to our knees "- concluded Alexander Lukashenko.

Lukashenko sees no reason to abandon the fundamental principles of the Belarusian model of development

According to the President, for the past 15 years in Belarus, a modern economy, commissioned hundreds of enterprises made significant progress in the construction, health care, and education. The country also has its own brands, and it's not just BelAZ trucks, tractors, harvesters, and reputable firms in high technology, food processing and light industry. "So there is no reason to abandon the base, the fundamental basis of the Belarusian model of development", — said Alexander Lukashenko.

He noted that Belarus detractors are now waiting for, first, the sale of state property for a song, and secondly, non-provision of social security and, third, putting the economic, and thus political sovereignty. "Frankly — waiting in vain", — said the Belarusian leader.

Belarus is ready to cooperate with responsible investors, but the principle is known: if you want to buy, to become the owner — pay, as expected. "Do not assume that we are cornered or pushed to the wall. Not as bad as our case, as some would like. We find all that the life of Belarusians was decent, and no one will dictate the conditions of the sale of our businesses, "- said the head of state.

As for the social protection of people, President Alexander Lukashenko said: "Yes, we reject the Soviet model, where incentives and subsidies just heard everything — poor and rich, young and old. Egalitarianism can not be: the state — not the horn of plenty. You can give only what is earned, and thus it is necessary to live within our means. This is the immutable principles. "

However, the Belarusian leader stressed that anyone who really needs support, will be protected by the state. "What is done, and from July 1, 800 thousand of our citizens who were in the worst position, we will support them adequate financial resources. This applies to our heroes, veterans and retirees, and the disabled, and families with many children. The social security system, which we have always been proud, sure to be saved, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

Vladimir Matveev, learned

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