Lukashenko can not represent Belarus in the European Union

The Belarusian president has admitted in an interview with the Polish media.

"Because one does not invite us, and we also did not consider such options. If say, I look at it: that we can handle as good as you, the Poles, in the European Union. And that's it. We only need a level playing field, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

He said that if the EU received an offer to join his part, the Belarusian authorities have begun to treat it immediately.

However, Lukashenka in an interview with Polish journalists noted that the Belarusian police during the demonstrations do not allow themselves to such a relationship to the demonstrators, as, for example, their counterparts from the EU.

"France watched recently? Germany, United Kingdom? What's that happened? People came out to speak on the topic of pension reform, it is their life. Why poison their tear gas, water them why some water? That's when we turned the car, we also responded, but the gas and water cannons had not used "- quoted Lukashenko BelaPAN.


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