Lukashenko did not give to see the white-red-white flags

Held for more than four hours in the Leninsky police department of Mogilev activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Valentine Lobachova. He was detained by the Palace of gymnastics, which opened today, Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the guy, he and three of his friends were going to pick up on a few balloons white-red-white flags, to be able to see those who came to the opening.

"We were approached by officers of some intelligence in plain clothes. Inspected our stuff. I had balls and flags. All of us were put into a car and taken to the police station. My friends soon released. Well kept me from 11:00 to 15:30 for me so far No mother arrived. flags and balloons police confiscated. What will happen to me they did not say, "- said" Freedom "Valentine Lobanov.


Mogilev, Lobachyov

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